Friday, 25 November 2016

Thursday 24 November

Small tournaments are a bit of a lottery at Match points. I think 4 or 5 tables are probably better just played as aggregate.  However this time we had 3.5 tables, so no option but a Howell and each board was 4, 2 or 0.
Playing with Gerry we came second with 57%.

 We were unlucky on this board.  I passed as North and Ian opened a Lucas style 2S.  Gerry chose to double and Bob bid 4S.
The 5 level belongs to the opponents but we are red against green, what will I get for a double?  Maybe only 100, 300 max.  I opted for 5H which turns out to be a decent contract except:
AD, small club, diamond ruff.  The rest defended 4Sx, 1 down.

We got our own back on this board.  Bob & Ian protect ferociously against weak NT and often it will work well for them, not this time
Gerry opened 1NT passed round to Ian who as it happens has good values, but protects with much less.  Anyway he bids 2D (D + a higher) and Bob bids 2H passed out.
I got off to a good start with a small heart to Gerry's 10. With no attractive return, Gerry followed this defence by returning the Queen to Dummy's Ace.
Bob ran QD, diamond to Ace and a club to King and Ace.  Gerry returned 6C and Bob didn't take a risk and went up with QC.  He now ran the 10 to Gerry's Jack, discarding a spade and Gerry played a spade to my Ace.  I cashed KH and played a spade, down 3.

Big hand with game making both ways.  I opened North 1H and Steve doubled. This gave Gerry a chance to bid 3H.  I could see Steve must have a big hand and surely they have a fit in a black suit, so I bid 4H.  Steve bid 4S, back to me.  Three small spades don't look good and Marilyn could be singleton.  Still I reckon 4S is making and 5H at worst is -500 so phoee to 5 level for opponents and I bid 5H.
AS led and I can't believe Dummy, we certainly don't have more than three defensive tricks and can't go more than one off.  Steve switched to a club, ruffed, spade ruff with 9H, small heart to Ace and that was that, spade ruff,  QH two top diamonds, claim.  The rest defended 4S.