Friday, 21 April 2017

Thursday 20 April

Playing in a Howell with Gerry, came third with 52%.  I had a few howlers which I shall not reveal here, should have been at least in the high 50s.

Gerry got us a top on this one.  He opened South's minimum 12 count 1NT and I raised to 3NT with my maximum 12 count.

George led 2S and Gerry chose the QS which held. He now led a small diamond off the table and Gerry made an error by going in with the King.  Gerald came back 9S, Gerry went up with the Ace and another spade created 3 spade tricks to go with the 3 diamonds.
A club back now but too late, a heart from table gives the 9th trick.

Again Gerry got us a top against Willie's 3NT. 
6D lead by Gerry made me think a little with the North hand.  In the end I have no sure idea what the lead is from but must play JD.
Willie takes Ace and plays AK and another club.  Gerry now plays 9D which is allowed to run and holds.  Another diamond to my Queen and I exit with 9S giving Willie no winning option, He rose with Ace and cashed 8 tricks.

Double dummy there is a great way of making this contract.  Win AD and play a spade towards Jack.  It does not matter what South does, lets say he takes KS and plays 9D as before then diamond to my Queen and now a club back.
Win AC, cash the spades and hearts and South is squeezed in diamonds and clubs. He has to come down to singleton KD, now exit from Dummy with a diamond and end played in clubs.  Very neat but is a simple club finesse not more obvious!

Friday, 14 April 2017

Thursday 13 April

Playing in a Howell with Gerry came third with 54%, usual ups and downs.  We did find two good slams via the same route that had a different meaning each time.

Gerry opened South 1C and I bid 1H, Gerry raised to 3H, I cued 3S, Gerry 4C and then I bid 5H.  After suit agreement this flags poor hearts and really asks for two top honours opposite.  Ever the optimist, Gerry likes his T9 and bids 6H.

JS lead to my Ace, I have to find QH onside so I play small to the 9 which holds.  I ruff a spade back and lead a small heart again, the Queen appears and that was that.  Nat won the Ace, returned a spade to Dummy's King, I drew the last trump and claimed.

I opened West 1S and Gerry bid 2D, I bid 3H and Gerry bid 5S.  Here after no prior suit agreement and bidding the other suits, the raise to 5 asks for slam if I don't have two losers in the unbid suit.  I bid 6S

AC and another, ruff, two rounds of spades then AH, KH and a heart ruffed high.  Back to hand with a club ruff, draw last trump and claim.

I had an interesting choice here, I opened West 1S, North bid 1NT back to me.  Instinct tells you to bid 2S, but I thought about this and reckoned I am likely to go one down (it'll be -2 on best defence).  I also reckoned I have good chances of defeating 1NT, the worry would be 5 club tricks against me.  However partner is likely to have just one or two spades and surely some clubs.
Next I wondered if I should double at Match Points but that is just a gamble, I decided to defend 1NT and passed.
Gerry led 9S which I overtook and drove out AS. Declarer led a club to Dummy's Ace and then QH which I covered.  Declarer took AH and JH, KC and exited with a club to Gerry's Queen. Gerry can cash TH and that was one down.

Of course 7 can be made via running the club, but you wouldn't relish losing to the Queen and then having to find 3 discards on the spades