Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Monday 31 October

Not an horrific Halloween as Adrianne and I managed to come first with a Butler score of 59.
Playing N/S our first board was against Charles & Vi.
I opened 1C, Adrianne bid 1H and Vi doubled.
My KS and singleton diamond look very good now and I bid 4H.
Charles bid 5D and Adrianne 5H, everyone else was in 4H. Anyway Adrianne still had no problem as Vi started with two top diamonds.
However, what a problem she would have had if Vi switches to a spade at trick 2. How would she have placed the spades? Against Vi and after the take out double I think I would have gone up with the King.

On this board against Ros and Lewis Geneen I show yet again how to go down in simple contracts.
Ros had opened 1NT as East and Adrianne overcalled an Astro 2C. I bid 2H and there I played. Lead was 8S.
I took AS and then KS. I am not going to be in hand very often and if Lewis has a heart honour, there's not much room points wise for KC, so I decide to finesse QC before touching trumps. Ooops!
Lewis takes KC, plays a diamond to Queen, AD, ruff and with two trumps to lose I'm 1 down. Just play Ace and another heart at trick 2, 8 tricks can't fail.

Missed 3NT on this board against Jack and Robert.
Adrianne passed as South. I would open this. AJTxx scores more tricks on average than AQxxx (opposite 2 or 3 small), yet everyone opens this with AQxxx in clubs.
Anyway I opened 1NT, Jack overcalled 2S and Adrianne used Lebensohl to put me in 3C. This had no problem after JD lead to King, losing club finesse, heart through. TD exit (double dummy I should have played AD, KD before finessing), won Ace, AS and second finesse making 4 clubs, 4 diamonds and AS. Unfortunately 3NT makes 9 as well, difference is TS is played instead of a heart after the first club finesse, but I just cover with the Queen as I have A9 still. Also I would have played 3 rounds diamonds before the club finesse leaving Jack in a pickle.

On the next board I opened 1C and this was passed out. I went 1 down but my good ness all sorts of contracts were being played here.
First of all some Wests would be playing Lucas and open 2H. This is doubled and some Souths might leave that in or bid 2S. North would now bid 3S or even 4S. Weak 2 players might even open West 2H and the bidding would be similar, though now South wouldn't be likely to leave in the double.
If West passes as at my table, North opens 1C, surely passed round to West. Should they protect? I wouldn't at this scoring. You are not missing game and run a greater risk of opponents finding a good spade contract even with the bad break (if partner has 5 spades, (s)he has even less points than you might think and the bigger the North hand. If West does protect with 1H, North doubles (though as some Norths played in 2D presumably they don't have that option). Partner will bid 1S and North should just bid 2S. At least I hope that is what I would have done.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Monday 25 October

Playing E/W with Adrianne we cqme middle with a Butler score of -3. Didn't do much wrong, apart from me driving opponents into a 3NT contract which can't be beaten on a sensible lead.

Against Maurice and Rhoda I opened 1H, Maurice bid 2D and Adrianne 2NT. I bid 3C and Maurice bid 3D which Adrianne doubled.
After QH, heart ruffed, QD to King, JC to Q and King, a master heart which Maurice ruffs. Adrianne would be better to discard a spade, but over-ruffs so down 1 for 200.
3N was cold on the club finesses. At least we avoided the hopeless 5C.

On the next board the weak NT made sure that N/S couldn't find their game.
I opened 1NT, Adrianne transferred with 2D. At MPs I would bid 2H take out with the North hand but would likely pass here with an unlimited West, anyway Rhoda won't have a take out bid. I bid 3H and we went the obvious 1 off.
The Gerrards and the Outreds were the only two pairs to find 4S. Obviously I should compete with that North hand. Many others were in spade partials, but presumambly South didn't see their hand as good enough.
Though it might have been 2H from East that went round to North who now makes a take out double. Not so easy to bid 4S now.

Weak NT worked again here. 1NT by me, 2H transfer by Adrianne doubled by Katie. I bid 2S although I only had two, they were good ones. David can't compete as the double might just be for a lead. Katie didn't feel strong enough for 3H.
2S makes the obvious 8 tricks, but 4H should always make as it is wrong to finesse in Diamonds.
Nobody in 4H, but 3 pairs in 4S were probably sacrificing.

Yet another 1NT opening by me after 2 passes. Ileen isn't shy and bids 2D to show spades and another. Gerry duly bids 2S.
I lead JS which didn't fool him, so after Ace, King and TS, Gerry runs 9H. Adrianne ducks but wins the follwing 8H with the Ace and Gerry has 10 tricks.
The Gerrards are in 4S, but it doesn't really look biddable to me.

Missed a game opportunity against Jim & Ian. Jim opened 1C passed round to me and I overcalled a heart, Jim passed and Adrianne bid 2H. Round to Jim who doubled and Adrianne bid 3H. I now gave this some thought, but I can't envisage Adrianne with a singleton club and she didn't give me an unassuming cue. All in all I passed.
Three pairs bid and made it. I actually made 11 after AC and a switch to a trump. I finessed JD and ruffed a club, drew trumps and cashed the diamonds.
The play is a lot more interesting if the diamond is covered by the Queen. You have to win KD, come back to a heart, ruff a club, come back with a diamond, draw last trump and exit with a spade. Opposition can only get two spades to go with original club.

This was a strange one against Rene & Anita. Most N/S are in 4S or 4H. Strangely the 5-3 fit looks a bit better than the 4-4, two N/S made it. Presumably it might go AD lead ruffed, club exit, trump to K and A. Ruff a club, heart to Q, ruff a club, QD discard a club. I think you just lose a club a diamond and a trump that way.
At our table Rene opened 1S, I doubled and Anita redoubled. Adrianne therefore bid 2D which was passsed out!
After a heart lead and continuation ruffed, Adrianne played KS to the Ace. Another heart ruffed, QS, spade ruff, another heart ruff, Adrianne had 8 tricks.

Here, after 2 passes I opened 1C, Adrianne bid 1H, 1N - 3H - 4H.
Rene led a club, Adrianne played JH to Ace. Rene tried a spade, but Adrianne wins in dummy, picks up Anita's QH and makes the rest.
The spade might well have been the right switch. However Adrianne was the only person who made this contract.
The only way it goes down is to play 3 rounds of diamonds. By making dummy ruff , the QH can't be picked up.
Did everyone defend this way, or were declarers misplaying the hand?

We started against David & Cathie and wee lucky on this deal. Cathie was saying how they are pushing slim games at the World Championship opposite a weak NT. So when David opened 1NT as South and Cathie found a 4-4 spade bid, she bid 4S.
Adrianne found the best lead of a club. I won Queen and returned a club to Ten and Ace.
David now played TS to King and then finessed into my Queen. With a club and two diamonds to cash it was -2.
If David just runs that 10S and then follows with a QH, he will make 10 tricks. Obviously those players at the World Championships know something.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Monday 3 October

Playing N/S with Adrianne, we came first. As usual you can always do better.

Against the two Davids we were the only ones to have 4H bid against us. After 3 passes David Young opens 1H:

1H - 1S - 2H - 3S - 4D - P - 4H - passed out.

Adrianne cashed 2 top spades and played a third, ruffed. DY played a heart to the Ace, runs the QC and then leads JD to Queen and King. KH now and just play out winners until Adrianne takes JH.

No matter if I cover QC, David just goes bacck to dummy to lead JD. If I don't cover JD, David says he was letting it run.

On the next board we recovered. The bidding went:

P - 1H - 2C - 2H

3C - 4H - passed out.

DY led small club to Ace. Now I don't have the entries for a heart finesse and double spade finesse. However David Cree is in a quandary. Obviously a heart return is out and a diamond must be wrong. A club return could be wrong as well if say I hold Axx in spades I could discard a spade and then another on QC. Anyway David led a spade and so I got all my finesses to make 10 tricks.

Only 4 pairs out of 12 found the slam on this board. Of course one was against us.
Of the 4 slams 3 were in hearts and only 1 in spades.

Anyway Raymond opened the West hand 1S, Alec bid 2H and Adrianne came in 3C. Raymond bid 4H and Alec used Keycard to get a response of 2 and bid 6H.

Adrianne led AC, ruffed, Alec knocked out AH and claimed, the losing diamond going on the long spade.

I made a complete mess here against Mike & Steve. The bidding went:

1S - P - 1Na - x
4C - 4H - x - passed out.

Steve led KS to Ace and a spade ruff. AH to find 5 - 0 break, club to King and a diamond to King and Ace. Mike returns a club to Ace, I ruff club to confirm count and knowing Mike has 1 diamond left finesse into singleton Jack.
Spade comes back for Steve to discard diamond and I am 2 down for -500.
Go up with QD and I make. I have 6 tricks, 2 more diamonds for 8 tricks then play a winning diamond, discarding a spade to end play Steve in trumps.

Another bad score here against Jack and Robert. Adrianne opened 2S, Robert doubles, I bid 4S and jack bids 5D.

This can't make of course on a spade lead which ensures a spade, a heart and a club trick. However Adrianne naturally tries her singleton heart.
Jack plays well goping up with the Ace, drawing trumps and playing on clubs to get a spade discard.

We do better here against David and Katie.
After 3 passes I open 1S, Adrianne raises to 3S and I bid game.

David leads a heart, I go up with King and lead JS. No cover, so I rise with Ace and 10 tricks made

You win some and lose some.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Monday 26 September

Playing with Adrianne at Butler scoring we did very badly, 3rd bottom with -23, though everyone seemed to bid their games and slams against us.
We got a bad score here against Robert & Jack.
As West, Jack opened 1S. Technically 1D is the correct opening as opening a major implies 5 in any rebid and lying about diamonds is better as it more likely leads to 3NT.
Anyway 1S works brilliantly here.
Adrianne overcalls 2C, Robert passes and I bid 4C. Using Unassuming Cue this shows distribution.
Jack doubles and now Robert has a very obvious 4S bid. This comes round to Adrianne who now knows I am likely to have at most 1 spade and probably 5 clubs. She therefore can't see any defence and bids 5C. Jack doubles and we are down 2. 4S goes off 1. C'est la vie.

Bad score here against Barry and Lester. Some made 3NT, some 4S, some got a good double of 4H, I went down in 3NT.
Lester opened 2H passed round to Adrianne as South who doubled. I bid 3NT and barry led JH.
Doesn't look good, Barry has 3 hearts and I need to set up both minors for 3 tricks each. Spades has a possibility I thought. Lead JS, covered, take Ace and finesse 8S coming back. However if I was Lester I probably wouldn't cover JS, as North has at most 3 spades and if he has A9x it will not matter in the end.
Maybe QC is doubleton. Anyway I decided to take the worst option first, I tried AK of diamonds! I followed with AK and another club and went down 1.
All I have to of course is play Ace and another spade, 9 tricks via 3 spades and 3 AKs.

Against Avril & Stephanie, Adrianne opened 1NT and Stephanie bid 2D. I doubled and there we played.
I decided to lead one of my black doubletons. Of course I choose the wrong one and lead 10S. We make 5 trumps and that is it, Stephanie can dump her losing club on Dummy's 4th spade.
Again against Steph & Avril, we did manage to do well on this hand after a mix up.
Steph opened 1D and I bid 1H, Adrianne bid 2D and I bid 3C. Now we play long suit trial bids and although this sequence hasn't come up before, I thought that is what it would mean. Adrianne took it as showing probably a decent second suit, bid 4H.
I explained my bid before the lead, but Avril led a diamond. Steph didn't try to cash her two clubs, so I made 12.

This hand was fairly typical of our night. Against ian and Michelle, I opened 1D and Adrianne bid 3NT which exactly describes this South hand. Worried about the spades, I bid 5D.
No chance, 3 obvious losers. As Ian will surely lead JC, 3NT is unbeatable.

Friday, 26 August 2011

thursday 26 August

Playing N/S with Adrianne we came second with 56% despite a few stupid mistakes mainly by me (too embarrassing to describe).

We got the best score we could on the first board against Bobby & Willie, yet got a big fat 0.
I opened 1D, Adrianne bid 1H and Bobby doubled, I bid 2D, Willie bids 3C, Adrianne 4H and Bobby 6C.
What is going on?? Well Adrianne needs very little if she has say 8 hearts. Bobby might be 6-6 with AH and diamond void. I certainly trust the fact that he expects to make 6C, the QS might be the only defensive trick and that might be ruffed away.
So I bid 6D, doubled. It loses 2 spades, a club and a heart ruff for 800, better than the 920 for 6C. Unfortunately nobody else bid 6C.

Against Issy and Gerald 1 Opened 1C, Adrianne bid 1S and I can't see any other sensible bid than 3S. Adrianne brings out RKC and is soon in 6S. After QD to Ace, she takes the heart finesse and easily makes 12.

Only other pair in 6S were Charles & Vi.

This board was against Brian & John where a bit of my woolly thinking came into play.
After opening 2NT, Adrianne wisely decided through a transfer that 4S would be the best contract. Brian led QH and I thought clubs were the priority and I would chance my luck in trumps. So I finessed QC, then for some unexplicable reason I cashed KH throwing a club.
Anyway I played Ace and a small spade, so got away with one trump loser, but now John returns a diamond and I took Ace, cashed QS but cannot return to dummy to take another club finesse (I could have ruffed that KH and made 12 tricks). However the play of the diamonds made me suspect Brian was sitting with a singleton diamond honour, so I exited with a diamond rather than risk cashing AC, so came to 11 tricks.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Monday 22 August

Playing N/S with Adrianne we came 4th with 58%.

We got an extremely fortunate top on this board. After 2 passes I opened 1D and East overcalled 2C, back to me I bid 2S, Adrainne bid 3D.
Now there are pointless hands Adrianne can have (e.g. with doubleton spade and 3 diamonds) where with very fortunate breaks I can make 5D. She might even have 3 spades to a Queen and nothing else and I can make 4S. Anyway I though I was worth one more and if Adrianne can see anything in my suits she can maybe bid game. So I bid 3S. Adrianne doesn't really see much but thinks if he can bid 3S on his own, he might as well be in 4!
So AC, ruffed, AK of Diamonds, AK of spades, ruff a diamond, played a heart, ruffed a club and ran diamonds, they can trump when they want, 10 tricks.
Apologies to Ronnie & Celia.

6 people in 3NT on this board, 4 made it. I didn't. Against Barry Cooper and Lester Cram a heart lead goes to the King. Being in dummy I led a diamond, Lester pounces with the Ace and the hearts are cleared before I have knocked out East's AC.

It is probably Lester's good play that ensures I go down but even so will I make it? If he plays small and my King wins, I will know that Barry can only have AC as a sure entry, so will play club to the King. Now I might try spade to Queen and King, Barry will exit with diamond to Ace and now the hearts are cleared, still 1 down. Of course if I just play another diamond, Barry will eventually be end played in spades, but I wouldn't have found it.

Got a great score here. May N/S are in 3NT which is very adventurous. many in 3D going down.
I however am the only one in 2S. I opened 1NT, Adrianne transferred and 2S is where I played.
The QD was led and after Ace and another spade I avoided a defensive cross ruff just losing 2 spades, a heart a club and 1 ruff.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Men's Pairs 17 August

Playing N/S with Russell we came 3rd with 54%.

Had a good score against Jim Mcmenemy and Ian Mcintyre.
After 2 passes and 1H by Ian I decided to bid 4S directly. What is Jim to do? Double looks like the sensible option even with the heart fit, so 4Sx.
jim leads a heart, I ruff. KD, AD, ruff a diamond high (though the 3 is high). Run 9S, ruff heart exit, play QS and claim for +1

Against Nat & Paul, Russell opened 1NT and I am sure 4H is best keeping out the opponents, lots of times you gain a trick by letting North play it, so 2D transfer. this let Paul in and I went to 4H and they went to 4S which Russell doubled. Very reluctantly I passed.
I can't remember the exact sequence but in the end we got 1 spade, 2 hearts (the 4th diamond was inaccessible), 2 clubs and a diamond for down 3.
I think it went AH, JC overtaken, small spade, heart ruff, but no quick way back to hand and Russell gets in to play Ace and another spade. Good defence Russell.

Against Alec & Raymond we were one of the few who found 4H.
Our bidding went unopposed:
1S - 2H - 3H - 4H

The 2H looks like the only sensible bid with my hand. The 4H though was very dubious.
Raymond led KD, I took Ace, AC, club ruff, AK of spades throwing diamonds, spade ruff, club ruff, AH. Now I can just lose 2 hearts and my last club

Still against Alec & Raymond the bidding went:
P - P - 1S - P
1N -2Sa - x - 3H
x - passed out

The spade lead went to the Ace, AD, Ace and anothe heart. Russell now sets up the clubs (for 1 loser) and makes 9 tricks

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Monday 15 August

Playing E/W with Adrianne we did not shine with 45%

We got a bottom score here against Michelle & Ian. Adrianne opened 3S, Ian passed and I though briefly about 4S, but thought we might get to play 3S and get a plus score. However Michelle bid 4C, Ian raised to 5C. Stupid me now has to decide what to do here. I'll bet there isn't a spade trick and there is distribution all round, so 5C looks to make, I bid 5S, doubled by Michelle.
Ian led AH, didn't find the small diamond switch, but played Ace and another diamond. Adrianne played a trump and Michelle gave Ian his ruff for down 2.
Most people got playing in 3S or 4S some making.

Did get one great score against Victor and Brian. Adrianne opened 1D, Victor bid 2C (double better).
I bid 4D and Adrianne put us in 6D.
Now I thought 4D showed this hand, Adrianne thought I had a bit more eg 10 points and a singelton.
Anyway, Victor cashed KC and switched to a trump. Adrianne played TD extracting the Jack from Brian. SO only 6D missing, the cross ruff looks good and so it was. AK hearts and AS just kleft a cross ruff of clubs and the majors for 12 tricks.

On this board against Rhoda & Maurice we also managed 12 tricks. The bidding E/W was 1D - 1H - 1S - 4S. Adrianne is quite good for her bid, but splintering in partner's suit usually causes confusion!
Anyway Maurice led a club, I took Ace and played a diamond to my Ace, Maurice drops the Queen. I played a small diamond ruffed in dummy and with the Jack coming down I have a diamond loser still.
I now played a spade to the Ace, Maurice tried a heart, won in dummy, I cashed a trump and led 8D. Maurice didn't have a spade to I ruffed, ruffed a heart, drew the last trump and claimed.

Our final two boards were against Jim Forsyth & Jim McMahon and were typical of our night.
Adrianne opened 1NT, I bid 2C and passed her 2H. JimMcMahon now find a 3D bid. This comes to me and I bid 3H, round to Jim Forsyth who bids 4D. I doubled, but Adrianne having most of her cards in my majors decided to bid 4H.
This went the obvious 1 off, with the opponents duplication there is no way they can avoid 2 off.
Bottom score.

Finally Jim opened the North hand 1NT, passed out and I led KH. Adrianne played the 3 to show me an odd number. Jim took the Ace and cashed 5D. Adrianne's first discard showed clubs. I then took the view (euphemism for made a stupid mistake) that Adrianne was probably 3 hearts and could hold AQxx of clubs as Jim has 4 - 4 in the reds.
I discarded my 2H, JS and a small club. OOPs
After the diamonds Jim exits with KC to Adrianne's Ace, a heart though now means I have to give Jim 2 clubs.
Pathetic really.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Monday 8 August

Playing with Adrianne, came 7th with 55% in the Festival Pairs. The usual couple of errors which cost dearly.
Managed to bid two Grand Slams, unfortunately in one of them which I bid we are missing a cashing Ace.

However against Cathie and Bob we were one of the few to bid this one.
Jump shifts are unusual these days and some people use them now for weak hands. Like most though, we still use 16+ with a very good 6 card suit. If that is the case when Adrianne South opens 1D, 2S by North, 4NT by South leads to an easy bid of 7NT as only a holding of a singleton AD and AQ of hearts would create a problem.
However, it is never that simple, Bob isn't going to be quiet with a 7 card suit. Our bidding went:
1D - 3H - 3S - P
4S - P - 4N - P
Adrianne showed 2 Aces and 1 King and I am happy to bid 7S. Adrianne might have bid 4H as she is too strong for just 4S, then I might have gone for 7N, but any grand slam usually scores well, which this one did.

Against Charles and Nigel we defend 3C.
Our bidding went:
P - 1S - x - P
2H - 3C - Passed out
I led a club to the 9 and Ten, Charles passed TD to Adrianne who reurned a heart, ruffed. Diamond to Queen and spade finesse. I gave Adrianne a diamond ruff and Charles makes the rest, ruffing out the spade.
When 4S, 3NT, 5C all make (albeit double dummy) you might expect a good score when Charles makes 10 in a minor, but no, below average. Lots of people off in spades, even 2S?!

Friday, 22 July 2011

Thursday 21 July

Playing with Adrianne we came 2nd N/S with 56%.
Two of our good boards were played by Adrianne as South.
Here against Sandra & Gloria our bidding went:
1C - 1S - x - 2S
x - P - 3H - 3S
4H - passed out.
Sandra did well to get the 1S bid in, Gloria could have made life more difficult for us with a 3 or even 4S bid. My double showed 15+ points.
A small spade was led, taken by Ace. QC covered by King and Ace followed, then Adrianne led JH, covered by Queen and Ace, followed by 10H to King. Gloria exited with a spade ruffed , last trump drawn. Now with a small spade led implying an honour and KQ hearts all in Gloria's hand, Sandra surely held QD and so Adrianne picked up the suit for 12 tricks.
On this board against Victor and Willie Hart we were the only pair in 4H. The bidding went:
P - 1D - 1S - 2C
2D - 3C - 3H - 4C
4H - passed out
Victor led his singleton spade won by the 8 and Adrianne lay down her AH. She then cashed JH and QH and played KS, ruffed. Victor exits with QD to King and Ace and that was the last for the defence.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Thursday 14 July

Playing with Adrianne we were exactly middle with 50%
Early on we got two bad scores against Alec and Raymond. Alec put Raymond into a 6NT with a 16 count opposite a 14-16 NT which couldn't be beaten. Then on the next board I let the side down with a bad defence. Our bidding went:
1D - P - 1S - 3H
4C - P - 4S - passed out.
Adrianne led AH. Now she has no idea what the heart position is. With a singleton in dummy we play suit preference. I could have 8 5 and be asking for a diamond, or J 8 and be asking for a club, or a singleton heart. Anyway Adrianne guessed correctly and played KH, Alec ruffed with the 4S and I over-ruffed. Now we play Ace from AK unless we have a singleton when we play the King. So Adrianne has no diamonds. Any idiot can see Ace and another diamond for a possible trump promotion must be the play. Not this idiot, small diamond ruffed by Adrianne, end of defence. I hate bridge.

Redeemed myself somewhat with this boad against Stewart Duguid & Bobby Moore. Stewart showed a 23-24 NT and ended in 4H. Adrianne is a great follower of Andy Robson and in that morning Times he had stated how he hated doubleton leads but showed an example that defeated a contract. This is a case where I think doubletons aren't so bad, when you have a quick trump entry.
Anyway Adrianne chose 8C lead and luckily Stewart gave me a moment to consider and I decided doubleton was more likely. So I ducked, Stewart played JD to KD and finessed a heart. Adrianne cashed AS then another club. I took Ace and gave her the ruff.
Still against Stewart and Bobby only two pairs found the slam here. With no interference, our bidding went :
1S - 2H - 2S - 3C - 5C - 6C (great bid by Adrianne)
Jumping to 5C is a great risk at Pairs, but a) It is the only slam try I can think of! and b) Why didn't Adrianne rebid 3NT or raise spades?
Anyway QD lead, 3 round of clubs ending in dummy, 3 top spades, spade ruff, heart ruff and claim 13.
I got a joint top score here for 10 tricks in 3NT against Elizabeth Maiolani and Victor Goldwater, but I was very annoyed I didn't make more.
Elizabeth led QC, ducked and followed with the Jack. I took Ace, cashed a top heart and noted Elizabeth's 10H. Going by restricted choice, I crossed to QS and finessed a heart, Elizabeth lets a club go. I cashed two more top hearts and Elizabeth let go 8C and 10C. I played another spade to the Ace and Elizabeth had now played 9S and JS. I could only think that Victor has KC and Elizabeth has 4 diamonds and 10S left, so I played KS rather than finesse the 8 for 11 tricks
The last board was against Alan & Myra. Most made 4H but it was quite tricky.
Our bidding without interference was quite simple:
1H - 1S - 2C - 4H
Myra led a club to my Ace and I played a heart to King and Ace. Alan returned a high club, covered and ruffed. A diamond came back to King and Ace, Alan played another club which I ruff in dummy. I have to decide what to do about my losing club. As Myra has a lot more spaces I decide to finesse rather than ruffing finesse. So cash JH, QD, ruff a diamond, draw last trump and finesse QS, cash Ace discarding the losing club.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Wednesday 6 July

Playing with Bob we came first N/S with 68%.
Early on Bob got a top against Morag & Susan. Bob opened 1C and I have a choice between 1D, 1NT, 2C and 3C. 2C is the only real genuine bid, so that's what I chose. Bob ventures 3NT and Morag leads a heart to the Queen and King.
Bob finesses a club and Susan plays another heart. Now Bob runs the clubs and Morag has to come down to 5 cards. She has to keep JH while the Ten is in dummy, as most people do she keeps a doubleton KS, so her diamonds are reduced to QJ giving Bob 4 diamonds and 12 tricks.
A good score here against Alan Brodie & Charles Fogleman. Bob passed, Alan opened 1S and I am a bit stuck, deciding to just bid 2H, Charles passed and Bob finds a great 3H bid, so I bid 4H.
Charles leads a small spade to the King and Ace. After 3 rounds of hearts I played Ace and another club, inserting the Ten from dummy. Alan switches to a diamond but with clubs breaking I have 11 tricks.

We got two joint top scores against Russell & Len.
I open 1S, Russell doubles, Bob bids 2S which I raised to 4S.
Russell leads a top diamond and obviously switches to a trump to the Ten and Ace. I ruffed a diamond, finessed the JS and when QH falls in 2 rounds I have 12 tricks.
On the next I opened 1H, Bob bids 1NT and after some thought, I passed. I would bid 2NT at teams, but would prefer TH to bid 1 more at MPs.
Anyway, Len found an excellent small spade lead and Bob won the third round, he then played a small heart to the Ten and Len's King. Len exits with a club, Bob decides to play another club, cross to a diamond and a third round of clubs.
Len of course can play a heart now to give Russell 2 tricks, but fortunately it a diamond that comes back.
However any plus score is good for us as many are in 3NT.

This one was difficult for Christine. we bid an obvious 1D - 1S - 1NT - 3NT.
Christine led a small club, Adrianne decided as playing the Queen will give me 2 club tricks anyway, to play small.
I now play 5 round of diamonds and CHristine has to find three discards with any heart fatal. Too difficult to let spades go, difficult to let any club go while she thinks I have Queen. SO actually hearts are first to go and I have 12 tricks.

This one was lucky against Katie and Toby.
Bob opens 1C, I bid 1D. Toby now tries 1H and Bob takes a rosy view and bids 3C. I bid 3NT and Toby leads a heart.
Crossing my fingers that Katie doesn't have 4 clubs, I cashed the othe heart, crossed to QC for the 3rd heart and the clubs run.
Difficult for defenders to take their top 5 tricks.

This was astrange one against Jim McMenemy and Ian McIntyre.
Bob opens 1C and Jim bids 3D. Now if Bob is weak(ish) I don't want to just bid 4C and give Ian a chance to bid 4 of a major which he could easily do if he can stand 5D. If Bob is strong(ish), we can make game. Anyway I bid 5C.
Jim led a spade to dummy's King, Bob cashed both red aces, ruffs a heart and diamond, then plays a spade which Jim ruffs. AK of clubs now crash, game made.

On the next board however I let the side down. Jim opens 1NT. I could bid 4S now, but this can easily fail and if Ian has some points a double could be left in for a certain 500. So I double, unfortunately Bob bids 2D, back to me. Knowing I now face rubbish and anything in diamonds won't be any use, I chicken out of 4S and bid 3S, passed out.
Ian leads a spade, I exit with a diamond, Jim plays another spade and I clear trump and try Ace and another club. Ian takes the King, but now I have 11 tricks via the heart finesse. Most people bid game.

Nearing the end now we got 1 very good and 1 very bad score against Joan & Cathy.
Bob opened 1S, I bid 2H and Bob's 2S finishes the bidding. Cathy leads a spade to the J and K, Bob cashes KH and gets to dummy to discard a club, losing just 1 club, 1 diamond and 1 spade.

However I bring us down to Earth on the next board. The bidding went:
P - P - 1H - x
1S - 2C - 2D - 3C
3D - P - P - 4C
p - P - 4D - passed out.
I led AC and switched to ---- a small spade.
Trying to be too cleveer by half. All Cathy can lose now is a heart, a diamong and a club for a top score.

Finally against Moira and Mary I made some amends.
Moira opened 1NT 3rd in hand and I doubled. Mary bid 2D (diamonds + 1 higher) and everyone passed it out.
Bob led a trump to Dummy's Ten and my Queen and I switched to QS, taken by King in dummy. May played a club to Queen and Ace and Bob played another spade to the Ace.
Mary now leads another trump, the Jack, I take my Ace and although I see I could give Bob a trump promotion, Mary will just discard a heart. We can get 2 heart winners if a) Bob has the King or b) the Queen and Mary misguesses, so I tried a small heart and sure enough Bob's Queen wins, back to my Ace and now the fourth spade for Bob's trump to win. 7 tricks, 2D -2.