Friday, 27 June 2008

Thursday 26th June

3NT proved a very difficult contract for me, all were easy double dummy but I just didn't have the insight. Here are three typical examples.

Board 3 (N/S)

After two passes the bidding went 1C – 1D – 1NT – 3NT, East led a spade to the Jack and I immediately took the Ace, not wanting a heart switch. I played AD, 10D, not covered which I ran, West discards a club (looked like a signal for hearts). I cashed AC and led my last diamond to the King.

Now double dummy I have 9 tricks by giving up a diamond (and ducking a spade continuation), however I feel sure that if East gets in I will be losing 5 hearts. So I tried the JC and West shows out discarding a spade, so I took my King. Now seeing the distribution as likely to be 5-5-1-2 in the west hand and assuming the AH is there, I decided to cash KS and exit with a spade to West, end playing that hand to ensure my KH and down 1 which I hoped would beat everyone else down 2. However although I got my King, the Ace had been onside all the time. Average score.

Board 9 (E/W)
South opens 1H, Adrianne doubles, North passes and I bid 2NT. Adrianne takes a very rosy view and bids 3NT. A small heart is led and I don’t fancy my chances much, however if I win that heart, bring home 5 diamond tricks, exit with KS to South’s supposed Ace and South gives me another heart, 9 tricks are there, although defenders can easily scupper this. Anyway I win the heart, finesse the diamond and down 3.

Double dummy of course I should win the heart, lead a spade to the King, cash 5 diamonds from the top (unblocking my Jack), cross to Ace clubs and lead another spade, whatever South does I make 9.

Board 19 (E/W)
The bidding was passed round to me and I opened 2NT. Adrianne went through Baron and we finished in 3NT (though Adrianne had seriously considered 4H). I got the obvious diamond lead and dummy’s Jack held the trick.

Now double dummy I have 9 tricks by leading QS (it does not matter whether it is covered or not). I must get 4 spades and 4 hearts to go with the diamond. However I was just hoping for a 5-5 diamond split and going 1 off (two 3-3 breaks in the majors and KS onside didn't seem likely). I played on clubs and of course ended up -2. Two East’s managed to make this contract, obviously I accept defeat too easily.

Board 17 (E/W) was a good distributional hand which worked well for us despite me making completely the wrong bid.
North opened 1D, I passed and South bid 1H. Adrianne bids 4S passed round to South who bids 5D, North decides to change this to 5H. Now Adrianne will happily double this and we should manage 3 off (4 off on a diamond lead), but I'm not in this game for the easy life! I bid 5S (Harry will be birling in his grave --- I can hear his refrain "the 5 level is for the opponents") which North doubles.

North leads AD on which South drops the Queen. North tries AC and then decides to continue with KD! Our opponents were still arguing as we moved onto the next table. I never found out what the QD was for, his partner couldn’t understand why he didn’t just show count.

One day I'll learn Harry's lesson and pass at the 5 level.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Monday 17th June

We found a 4 Hearts on board 4 which most people missed.

1C – 1D – P – 1H – P – 2H – P - 4H

Thereby missing a superior 4S, however the contract has no problem making a safe 10 tricks. East should have bid 2C even if playing a prepared club, but Adrianne would still try 2H. If East opens 1NT, this would be passed round to Adrianne who should bid an Astro 2D and then we shall be in 4S ( I say 'should', we guarantee 5S with 2D Astro, but this would be an exception).

Everyone finds a slam on board 20, but most were in spades.

I decided to open 1S and Adrianne replied 2H. Well that is enough for me to take a dive at a slam. I rebid 3S, Adrianne bid 4S (3NT more logical?), then I bid 6H which I thought paints the best picture of my hand. Adrianne passes. This makes 13 by ruffing the spade loser. I have no idea how you can bid 7H, you would need some sort of exclusion RKC asking in hearts and then ask for QH and get the bonus of KC.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Thursday 12th June

An interesting board 5 where the entire field is in 4S -1 and I made 10.

I opened 1NT and Adrianne quickly transferred me into 4S. South led AC and luckily for me didn't play a diamond next, but continued a club. So I discarded a diamond and played a third club discarding another diamond. North ruffed this and cashed AD. North now played 7S.

Well South started with 7 clubs and didn't lead a singleton. If she is 7 - 2 - 2 - 2 I don't think North is playing from K7 of spades, K to 3 is possible, but I reckoned that this defender would be less likely to do that. I decided to go for gold and rose with the Ace. Contract made.