Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Monday 22 July

Playing N/S with Adrianne came well down with a Butler score of -10. Three bad scores of -11 or -12 ruined our set.

This was a good score as I found myself in 3N after a 1N - non promising Stayman raise to 2N and I bid game. Rather thin and I needed a lucky lie of the cards as well as a bit of help from defenders.
Mary led 4C and my 10 held the trick, the layout of that suit now being obvious.  I need diamond tricks so immediately led 5D to my King and Mary's Ace.  Mary exited with 8H and I let Moira's Q win the trick. Moira returned a heart to my Ace.  I played a club and Mary won her Q, cashed the Ace and played the 4th club to my King (obviously no hearts left).  Now I needed the spade finesse, but also a way back to hand for the diamond, only hope was a cover.  SO I led QS, MAry duly covered and I won AS, cashed 10S and back to my Jack.  I nearly have an exact count but Moira has discarded two diamonds, so I just double check, yes she had 6 hearts, 1 club, has followed to 3 spades and played 3 diamonds, so a 'confident' finesse of 10D gave me the rest of the tricks.

One of our bad scores playing against Michael Rosenberg's son Kevin and Brian Spears.
Kevin opened 1D, Adrianne 1H, Brian 1S, Kevin 3C and Brian 3N.
I led TH to Kevin's Ace and Brian cleverly led a club from Dummy to the Ten and Ace.  I played another heart to Adrianne's King and and she plays JH to Brian's Queen.  Now comes all the diamonds and Adrianne has to discard one heart and one spade.  Brian cashes AS and exits with a heart forcing Adrianne to lead into KJ of clubs.  Great stuff, the majority went down in 3N.

Got a bit back on the next board when Adrianne opened 2S. At Match Points I might pass but never at this scoring, there are all sorts of chances of game.  Anyway after 2N Adrianne showed a max and 4S it was.
No defence, two diamond tricks followed by a heart, AS, 6S, JS, QS, KS and Adrianne could claim.
Most did not bid the game.

An impossible 3N I found myself in after a 1N - 3N auction, however a defensive error gave me a chance. Moreen led 3S and for some reason Ernestine played the 9 and my Jack won.  However if I play on clubs and they don't break, setting up the 5th leaves me in danger of a diamond switch and I'll be going down.  I have to play on hearts and with an eye on the intermediates, I can make 3 heart tricks and if clubs don't break, 3 clubs, 2 spades and a diamond. So a heart to the Queen and 9H to the Jack and Ace, no diamond switch. Now when I tried clubs and found Moreen had four to go with her four spades, I took the heart finesse for a lucky game.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Thursday 17 July

Playing N/S with Gerry came second with 56% which was pretty good after a poor start.  On our first board I was faced with a difficult bidding problem.

Gerry opened 1N, Nat passed. Now at aggregate I tend to shut my eyes and bid 3N with this sort of hand. However it is MPs, first board of the night, you know most of the field will be going for a club part score.  Also I have to bid 2S which gives Paul an easy way into the bidding as he can double.  I might even be faced with 4S when the bidding comes back to me.
Eventually I decided to go with the field and bid 2S, sure enough Paul doubled, but Gerry bid 2N (promising 3 to a top honour) and Nat passed.
Well now I know we have 8 tricks I can't stop myself and bid 3S, doubled by Paul and a trusting Gerry bids 3N.
7S lead to the Ace, Paul pauses then plays QH, AH, and 7 tricks to the defence for down 3.

Later I got away with murder with a similar sort of hand but less prospects than that one:

I opened South 1N and Gerry bid 2S, Dave now came in 3D (3C would have worked well getting them to 4S). A rush of adrenalin made me bid 3N, well, a diamond to Ace,  if partner has JS, .... Anyway Bob led 3D to Dave's Ace and naturally Dave tried AS.  Well what would you do as Bob? Encourage of course, KS, 3rd spade and I had 10 tricks.
As I said, I got away with murder.

Missed the Grand Slam here, thankfully.  Gerry opened 1D, I bid 2C and Gerry bid 2H. Now falsifying a major is definitely not recommended, however if 3N is the contract, you have told partner where your high cards are and if partner jumps to 4H that will be a making contract if trumps are no worse than 4-2
Anyway I am very strong after this reverse and tried a 4th suit 2S which Helen doubled, Gerry passed this back to me.
So Gerry can't have points in the black suits, at best Qx of spades though that is doubtful, he must be loaded with the top red suit cards.  I bid 6D.
Colin led QS taken by Ace, a diamond played to reveal the split forced Gerry to try AKQ clubs to get rid of his spades, a heart ruff then gave all the tricks bar the JD.
For those with an Acol 2D bid available (or through Benji) and decide to stretch the North hand a little and bid it as an 8 trick strong hand, South should have no problem bidding 7D.  Luckily for them nobody did.