Friday, 2 December 2016

Thursday 1st December

Playing in the District Pairs Qualifier with Gerry we came first with 63%

Got off to a good start but on these two boards I don't know why we got tops or near tops.

After three passes Gerry opened South 1H, Gerry Sweeney overcalled 2C, I bid 2D and Alistair bid 3C  Gerry bid 3D to complete the bidding.                                                

Club lead to my Ace, club ruff, AH, club ruff, KH, heart ruffed with 8D, Alistair over-ruffed and returned a diamond to Dummy's Ace.  Only one small diamond to come.                                                                            

Ruffed another heart high, drew last trump and led up a spade. Alistair went in with the Ace but no matter, 11 tricks.

On the next board I opened 1D and Gerry bid 2S.  We play this as less that 6 points, 6 card suit.                      

I chanced 4S.                                                            

Gerry Sweeney led a spade, Gerry won in hand and led a diamond, Gerry Sweeney went up with the Ace, KH return won in Dummy, drew last trump and with all those diamonds made 12 tricks for a joint top.

Paul Maiolani had a tricky 4S contract here by East.  Gerry led QC taken by Dummy's Ace.  A diamond was led and I jumped in with the Ace expecting singleton Queen.  Anyway I played another club and Paul then took a very reasonable line, in fact probably the best line by cashing QD, playing KS, AS and then leading a diamond to discard a club.  This works most times as when QS falls doubleton or the player with QS has three diamonds as you discard a club on both diamond winners, they can trump the fourth if they want. Much better than a horrible guess with a two way finesse.
Unlucky, Gerry trumps, cashes a club and AH for a trick in every suit.
Half the field made it presumably by making a lucky guess in spades but superior play is its own reward.