Friday, 27 April 2012

Thursday 26 April

Playing N/S with Adrianne just an average 51%.

I was duped on this board against Alec & Raymond. Alec opened 1C and their bidding went:

1C - 1S - 2C - 2D - 3C - 3N

A very clever 2D by Raymond.  If it was aggregate I would still lead a diamond, but I know that 6/7 clubs are running and the contract is assured, at pairs you don't want to give away a trick.  The heart did seem to be safest. Easy 10 tricks for declarer.

 Got a good score against Christine and Ileen.  Chris opened 1C which came round to me and I bid a protective 1NT which was passed out.
Chris led KH which I won with the Ace.  I cashed KQ spades and exited with a heart. Chris took Q and played a third heart to my Jack. I now played a club to 10, Q and Ace.  Chrsitine cashed her 4th heart forcing a diamond discard from Ileen, I let go TS.  She now cashes KJ clubs forcing another diamond discard from Ileen.  Chris now exits with her 4th club.  Her last 3 cards are her 3 diamonds, dummy has A8 spades and a diamond, Ileen feels she must keep J7 spades and comes down to singleton KD.  I win 9C to leave my 3 diamonds.  I exit with a low diamond and Ileen wins the King and has to give me the last 2 spades for 7 tricks.

It is amazing how hands of few values can produce 12 tricks. Pointswise we have 22, both hands have 7 losers yet 12 tricks roll in.
At least we were in game against Kevin & Nat.  I opened 1H, Adrianne bid 2D and over my 2H she raised to game.
I got a trump lead and a spade switch but on a spade lead the play is then the same.  Win Ace, KD, AD, small diamond, ruff high if necessary, draw trumps and claim 12.  Apart from a singleton diamond the only thing that could go wrong is having to ruff high and then guess where a singleton AH might be.  You can never get to these slams.  Playing 5 card majors it might start 1H - 4C, but you are not going to get excited with your 10 count.

Against Len and Avril I chickened out of bidding but it does pay off to be brave at Pairs.
Avril opened 1S, Len bid 2S and this came round to me.  I would love to bid 2N and certainly thought about it, but also I would to leave Adrianne playing 3C in a 4-3 fit and being vulnerable getting a bottom.  She could easily be 3 - 5 - 2 -3, so I passed.
Then what to lead?  I thought I might try to be different and led AH!  Adrianne played the 10, inverse attitude telling me to switch, boy am I dumb, so I switched to a diamond.  Can I help it if opponents can't locate 5-5 major fits?
Note that both 5 clubs and 5 diamonds make with a combined 19 count and 7 loser and 8 loser hands.  How are you supposed to evaluate hands?

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wednesday 26 April

Playing E/W with Gerry we managed just above average with 51%.

 We didn't get a good score against Russell & Len on this board. Len opened 3H as South and Russell found a 4H bid to confuse things.  I doubled with the aim of converting 5C to 5D.  Gerry lacking spades and not seeing that a 5 level contract would be right leaves it in.
Double dummy a trump lead will ensure 3 diamond tricks, 2 spades and a club for 500, still not enough to compensate for missing a vulnerable game. However Gerry made the more obvious lead of AS, I discouraged with the inverse attitude 9 (wanting a club through), but he continues with another to my King. I don't want Len discarding a club if I now play a small spade, so I cashed JD and then played JS, however Len let a club go anyway, Gerry discarded a diamond.  I played a 4th spade, Len ruffed high, Gerry discarded his last diamond. Len led a diamond and Gerry forced his KH and ensured a diamond trick (ruff actually) for us.  So 3 spade tricks, a diamond trick and a diamond ruff for 300. Interesting if Russell passes 3H, I double and Gerry bids 4C, should I now bid 4D or 5D? I think I have to bid game.

Against Bob and Ian I managed not to get us a good score but I am sure I was wrong.
Gerry opened 2C as West, I bid 2D, over 2NT I transferred and Gerry jumped to 4H.  So I know he has 23/24 with 4 hearts. However I am missing all 5 keycards and QH. After some thought I chickened out and passed. Gerry is not clairvoyant and after JS lead to Ace played AC, ruff, heart to Ace to find 2 losers, club ruff, back to AD to claim 11 as clubs are all winners.
I really should have bid 5H and Gerry has an easy 6H bid and that is the right contract, bad pass, good score.
 This was our first board of the night against Rhona and Derek and it plagued me for the rest of the evening. Rhona opened 1H, Derek 1S, 2NT, 3NT. I led 6C, dummy went down and I immediately thought Gerry has at least 4 spades. I see though that he probably just has 3 points, but KTxx of spades would be useful.  He also has 4 hearts, maybe 5 and might have 4 points and AH.  Anyway as I am thinking this, Rhona takes KC and puts down a diamond.  Now I hate pausing and still haven't worked out what might be best to play Gerry for, so rather than hesitate I played TD.  Rhona won the Queen in dummy, finessed QH.  I took King, thought more about what I now know and realise Gerry must have K or AS, hope he has the ten and I played QS to Rhona's King.  Too late, Rhona plays out her clubs and Gerry discards aa diamond to keep those spades.  However at the end after playing a diamond and heart winners, Rhona end plays Gerry with a heart to make her JS for 10 tricks and a joint top.  Very well played by Rhona, but poorly defended by me.  When Rhona plays a diamond at trick two, she obviously has the Ace and my diamonds might just as well be Kxx, I can only make 1 trick.  I should go up with the King.  Play Gerry for a spade holding and exit with QS.  When I get in with KH I can play another spade.
 Gerry got a good score back on the next hand.  I opened 1C, Gerry bid 1D, 1H and 1NT finished the auction.
Rhona led a spade to Gerry's Ten, Gerry played a club and Rhona took the King.  Rhona now played KD, what should South do, remember Gerry bid 1D?  Derek ducked, what should North play now? Rhona played JD, Derek ducked.  Now Rhona played JH to Ace, Gerry played clubs until Derek took Ace and AD leaving us with 8 tricks.
Complete bottom on this board against Rene and Maggie.
Gerry opened 1H, I bid 2D, Gerry 3H, 3NT by me and after some thought pass by Gerry.
Rene finds the excellent lead of QS. I don't think a duck is a good idea, I won AS and led a heart to King and Ace. A spade is returned, again I didn't think duck was best worried about opponents finding 3 quick club tricks, I have 9 sure tricks have I not? So I won the Jack with the King, cashed QH, oops. OK I have 7 tricks, its all on diamonds now.  I cashed the winning hearts, played AD, finessed JD and that was me finished, 3 down for a zero.  Only one other pair was in 3NT, they got QS lead.  They made 10 tricks.  That was Adrianne and Christine but I am not even asking how, I don't want to know.
Steve and Marilyn got two good scores against us on 23 and 24.
Gerry opened 1NT and I bid 3NT.  Steve finds a brilliant TS lead.  This runs to the Ace, Gerry plays QH, covered to Ace, back to a heart and a diamond finesse. 8 tricks are now possible, if he can just sneak a club, but a club from dummy goes to Q and A, another spade and 1 off.

On the next board Gerry opens 2H Lucas, I raise to a non-constructive 3H, but Marilyn still finds the double. Steve has no problem bidding 4S.  Although most people are in this game, three managed to go off.
I led KD to Ace, Steve played JH to Q and King and finessed QS to Gerry's King.  A diamond back was ruffed, KH to throw a diamond. Steve drew trumps and I made a club and a diamond for 10 tricks to Declarer.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wednesday 18 April

Playing with Gerry came 3rd N/S with 54%

 Against louis and Harold I was very lucky to make 6S mainly because I had no idea what was the best line for 12 tricks.
We bid 1S - 2H - 2S - 3C - 3N - 6S

A diamond was led. I've no real option but to ruff this.   My instinct is to take a heart finesse, if it wins, ruff a heart and draw trumps the hearts are good.  However I hated committing myself to playing a trump to hand, taking a losing heart finesse then having to ruff a diamond with the QS.  So I played AH, ruffed a heart, West showing a doubleton.  So setting up hearts is no good.  I finessed a club, ruffed a heart. took AC, ruffed a heart, ruffed a diamond, ruffed a club, ruffed a diamond with QS and ruffed club with 9S.  Ten tricks and I have AK of trumps for 12.  I didn't even notice trumps were 4-0 until the defender told me!

Missed a slam on this board against Russell and Len. Our bidding went:
1S - 2H - 2S - 3D - 3NT - 4S

So Gerry has a hand too good for an immediate 4S, however he seems to have a singleton club and I have 6 points in the suit, so despite the diamond fit I just can't go on.
With the singleton JD and trumps 3-2 you cannot fail to make 12 tricks.

 I was lucky putting us into game against Anna and Catherine. Gerry bid 1S, Catherine bid 2D and I have to pass.  Gerry bids 2S.  Assuming this is a 6 card suit, my hand isn't bad.  Also not having 4 hearts and knowing partner has few diamond, we are likely to have some kind of club fit.  Anyway I tried 3C, Gerry bid 4C and I bid 4S passed out.
Gerry was forced in diamonds, gambled on a doubleton KS and ruffed a heart but still ended with 10 tricks for a top as nobody else bid it.

Against Ian and Bob I was in 4H and got a very poor score as many made 12 tricks.
Ian led JC and I took the Ace.   Two round of trumps ending in hand and I led a spade.
Ian doesn't have much option but to take Ace and avoids the club continuation.  Instead he finds a small diamond and I am held to 10.
However one person went off and as Bob pointed out, two round of trumps ending in dummy and lead a spade and you have two spade losers to go with two diamonds.

 Missed a slam here against Phyllis and Louise. Our bidding went:
1NT - 2H - 2S - 3C - 3H - 4C - 5C

You don't like giving up on 3NT at Pairs and my 3H was just in case partner had no hearts but had stopper(s) in diamonds.  Unfortunately that was misguided, if I raise to 4C, Gerry can cue 4D, I cue 4H and I think Gerry will bid the slam.
Ended up in the wrong contract here, but at least avoidded the slam.  A few wee in 6D and were very unfortunate.
Against Ronnie and Celia our bidding went:
1D - 1S - 2H - 3N - 4H

I decide to pass this hoping for a better Pairs score.
Celia led a club, Ronnie took Ace and another forcing Gerry to ruff. Gerry now tried KH and AH, oh oh. J98 of hearts against his Q5.  Gerry played a diamond to dummy and continued the suit and Ronnie ruffed for the second defensive trick. Ronnie can only play a spade now to dummy's Ace, a third diamond, Ronnie ruffs but now Gerry is in control and can ruff the spade exit, draw the last trump and claim the rest of the diamonds.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Monday 16 April

Playing aggregate came 4th N/S out of 9, however scores were very close and we were only 1 vulnerable game away from winning.  What is galling is I made a ridiculous bid which was suitably punished, I didn't play it as well as I should and lost 800 on a part score hand.  If I had just passed we would have come top.

 Against Alec and Fudge I declared 3NT as North and Charles led 2H to the King which I ducked and then won the 10 with the Ace. I immediately played AK and another diamond getting a club discard from Alec.  Charles continued a heart to my Queen ( I discard 10D from dummy) and I exited with a heart, Alec and dummy letting go a spade. Charles can now safely exit QS and I played 3 rounds, A, K and another putting Charles back on lead when everyone just has 2 clubs left, however he didn't have to lead away from the King, so I went 1 down.  I thought I had given it every chance to get a club endplay and was annoyed to see that the sheet says 3NT makes.  I just can't find the play.  If I hadn't discarded a spade, Charles can still safely exit with a club.

 Nobody played in 6S here which I find amazing. We really should be in these slams.  We narrowly avoided it. Our bidding went (uncontested):
1S - 3D - 3H - 3S - 4S

Adrianne my 3S is even more slam interest.  Adrianne hesitated before bidding 4S, obviously wanting to cue 4C, but looking at just a 9 count decided not.  After the hesitation I can't fairly bid on, my partner must cue here and she didn't, therefore she is missing both Aces.  If she hadn't hesitated I would have gone 4NT, but presumably I would only get 1 in reply.  Only two people in 5S. We all got away with it this time, but next time 12 tricks will roll in.

Bad luck for Mike and Joyce on this board who at least got to game with their 25 points.  Our bidding went:
1H - 2C - 2H - P - 4H - passed out.

I could have doubled but we probably only have1 club trick, Adrianne having 6 and I might just lose a trump trick on a 5 - 3 fit if I double.
Anyway, Mike had no chance. Adrianne led AC but miscounted and switched to a trump to the 3, 9 and Q.Mike tried a second trump to the King, oops. Now ran TS, Adrianne cashed KC and exited with a diamond, but we get 2 spades, 2 clubs and 2 hearts for 3 off. 

 Mike got back with this one though.  Playing three weak twos he opened 2D green against red.  This came round to me as North, what can I do?
Assuming 11 diamonds between us, Adrianne has some sort of shortage and couldn't come in.  I really can't double.  What do I say over 3C? Nothing, just sheepishly put down my dummy to my partner's consternation.  Joyce can easily have a decent hand here with no diamonds and even if I felt brave, 2NT is not available to me as we play that as conventional.  So I passed, it went 4 off for 200, but we missed our vulnerable 3NT. Good bid of 2D.

Finally what should be a flat board, but annoying. Marilyn played it in 3NT against us after her partner Steve had shown long, strong diamonds. Nothing we can do, I cashed our 4 tricks, partner failed to hold a Queen in either hearts or clubs.
What if East plays it though?  The lead(s) that beat the contract is a Jack, in fact you take the first 7 tricks with careful play.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wednesday 11 April

Playing E/W with Gerry came 5th with 56%. There were certainly a number of interesting hands.

 Against Ian & Jim, Gerry opened 1D and Ian made the most practical bid of 4S. Now we are vulnerable and 5D will probably be -500.  However I pause for a while, the problem is 4S could be all sorts of bids, 8 spades very likely.  Partner could be 5-5 in the minors. After thinking for a while I hate passing, so 5D it was, Jim bids 5S and Gerry doubles.
Now a spade lead or diamond lead and spade switch would leave declarer with only 2 club ruffs.  However, as usual, I find an alternative lead to let the contract make.  I led KH, AH and a cross ruff in hearts and clubs gave Ian 11 tricks.
Still, we weren't doubled in 5D, if they get all their ruffs that will cost 800.

Against Louis & Harold their bidding went:
1C - 1D - 2D - 3NT - 4D - 5D

Now as we can see there is a spade and unlucky for declarer, 2 diamonds to lose. 3NT will probably make, heart lead, set up a spade trick and you have 9 tricks.  A spade lead would defeat 3NT whether declarer puts in the 9 or the Queen.

So what's the story? Well Gerry made the natural lead of a heart of course. Two spade discards and 11 tricks made.
Half the field made 3N or 5D, half went off.

Against Flora and Geraldine there were three passes to Gerry who opened 1D, North passed, I bid 1H and Gerry bid 3D leaving me an obvious 3NT to bid.

Geraldine plays AK of clubs and I have 9 tricks. Just luck again, South will never find the defence, but for those who play 3S by me asking for a stop, Gerry would then play it. A club lead and spade return would put paid to that contract.
Only 4 pairs made 3NT, lots of diamond and heart part scores.

 Against Charles and Vi, Charles opens 1S in 3rd seat and I overcalled 1NT.  Vi doubled and when that came round I bid 2D passed out.
KS led and taken by me and I played QD.  Charles wins this and plays QS and another.  Obviously he will be playing a spade again when he gets in, discarding hearts is possible but I think I can get them to open the suit, so I ruff with the 9 and exit with a small diamond to Charles who leads another spade, I ruff again leaving 1 diamond in each of 3 hands. If the heart honours are split, Vi will have to have QC for her double do I finesse the club and cash KC and Charles ruffs the third but must now open up hearts or give a ruff and discard so I made 8.

On the next board Gerry opened a multi, I bid 2H and Vi doubled.  Gerry bid 2S round to Vi who doubled.  Charles bid 3D and Vi bid 3NT.
I doubled this for the diamond lead and Vi converted to 4C.
Gerry led a diamond to my Ace, I returned QS taken by Ace and Vi played KH to Gerry's Ace.  He cashed a spade and exited with a diamond.  Vi runs her clubs and on the last comes down to Jx and a diamond in dummy with Qxx hearts in hand.  I have to discard from 9xx heart and QD, either being fatal, so 10 tricks made.

 Against Stewart and Bobby, what would you think the final contract would be?
OK it was 2D.  Now who played it?
South of course.
As East I opened 1D, Bobby bid 2D and Gerry thought about this and passsed.  Stewart took a view and passed.  I automatically picked up a pass and then realised maybe I should have thought about this, despite the hesitation I can deduce that North has a lot of diamonds and few cards in the majors.  I don't need a hesitation to tell me partner has holdings in hearts and spades, so maybe I could have doubled, but difficult after a hesitation.
Anyway Gerry found the best lead of KD and after three rounds of diamonds Bobby played AK and another heart, ruffed and over-ruffed.  I pulled the last trump and led a small club.  Gerry cashed his heart and returned a club to my Queen. AC and KS and Bobby gets last two tricks for 3 off.  Could have gone 4 off  if I had played KS instead of a club or if Gerry hadn't cashed QH. Anyway it wasn't doubled.  Even if they change to 2 of a major that will surely be 800 as well.

On the next board Bobby opens 1NT and Gerry doubles.  2S by Stewart and I bid 3S, so Gerry takes 3NT.
A spade lead to the Ace and AD catches the Queen and on the lie of the hearts there are 4 tricks there giving 11.  Only two of us were in 3NT, everone else in diamond partials.

What a board this is.  6C is the contract for N/S, nobody is in any number of clubs.
Against Eileen & Alistair Gerry opens 1D, Eileen bids 2H passed round to Gerry who bids 2S (I was passing a double).  Eileen now bids 3H, I double and there we play.
As you can see we have no tricks outside of trumps. I led a diamond ruffed, Eileen crosses to AC, finesses QS, cashes AS and leads a third. I decided to ruff with 10 and exit with a trump.  Eileen plays KC and a third which I ruff and exit with a diamond in the end I get my KH and another heart but at the expense of ruffing my partner's spade winner.  9 tricks made.

Against Willie and Issy I opened 1S and Issy passed as South.  Gerry gave me a limited spade raise via 3C.  Now I have no idea how many tricks I can make it could be anything from 8 to 11, so I just bid 4S.
Issy forewent the JC that would have made it really easy for me and led KD. I pondered what to do about the spades and decided to go up with Ace, no matter the King appeared, so just clubs to negotiate. I led a club to the King and Issy's Jack appears.  They say with a choice defender could play either Q or J so you should play other defender for Q.  Also Issy might be dutifully showing count with Jx.  Anyway I finessed on way back and had 13 tricks.  Like I said, I had no idea how many tricks this would make!

Two tricky boards against Maggie and Renee to finish.
Gerry opened 1S and our bidding went:
1S - 2H - 2NT - 3D - 3H - 4D - 4NT - 5H - 6H

Renee led a small club but it doesn't matter where the King is, this is about avoiding two red suit losers. I took the Ace and led QH.  Maggie covered (which costs a heart trick) and Renee show out.  I crossed to AS and ran 7H and finessed another heart and cashed a fourth.  Renee discarded a diamond.  Over to KS (forgot to cash a diamond first -  very poor) and finessed a diamond, cashed last trump and my diamonds are good for 13 tricks.

Here I opened 1D and our bidding went without interference:
1D - 1S - 1NT - 2C - 2H - 4H

Renee found the lead of Ace and JS which I ruffed.  I have to do something with the diamonds so led to the King and Maggie's Ace.  Maggie plays a third spade. If I ruff with the Ace, finesse 10H, finesse 10D, I will have 10 tricks via a club ruff  (6 hearts, 2 diamonds, 2 clubs).  However I didn't see it that way and ruffed with the 8, over-ruffed with the 9.  Renee exits with a club and I played 2 clubs discarding a diamond and ruffing a club, but I have had it now losing two hearts a diamond and a spade. I don't think I had a coherent plan, but Renee's lead really scuppered me. The two who made 4H from my side both got a diamond lead.  I think even I would have made it then.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Monday 9 April

Playing N/S came 3rd with a Butler score of 26.

The way all the cards lie this is a great slam and never a bad one to be in. Even if the black Kings are reversed there is also the option of diamonds providing a club discard.  Anyway against Barry & Lester our bidding went:
1H - 2D - 2H - 3C - 3NT - 4H

After 1H - 2H by partner I am happy to be in 4H, my 3C on the way was just to show I am too strong for a direct 4H.  Adrianne despite being maximum didn't take the bait.  It is always difficult to risk the 5 level and go 1 down.
Willie & David, Len & Clifford managed to be in six, Charles & Vi were in 4H +3 like us.  I'll accept that company.

These next two hands were slams which depend on which side you play them from.
Against Bobby & Ian their bidding went:
1S - 2C - 2H - 3D

Adrianne doubled this and Ian bid 6NT rather than 6S with a diamond lead.
Adrianne didn't lead AD so there are 13 tricks off the top.

Two West's went off in the slam, another few Wests made it on a non-diamond lead.  Half the field managed to play it in NT by East.

Now our turn against Joe & Sheila Fell. I showed a strong NT and Adrianne put me in 6N.
Playing it as North I got a club lead, ran the diamonds, got 2 heart discards from West and made 13.
Now, they do say aggressive leads are best at slams at this scoring, so if a spade lead is found: duck to the Queen and win return in dummy, West should have no problem discarding 2 spades on the diamonds. The third discard will crucially have to be a club or declarer will possibly find the winning play in hearts.
Anyway if you play 6D (or 6N) by South, a spade lead is no problem as it actually promotes a spade as the 12th trick.
Only 1 pair played it by South (6D) and that was Charles & Vi, though most Norths did make it (even a few on a spadde lead).

Every East / West played this in spades from 2S - 4S and 140 was the modal score. Except at our table against Ian & Ivor.
1S - 2H - 4S - 5D - 5S
It seems we were the only pair to be in the making game after Adrianne's brave 2H vulnerable overcall.
Unfortunately we failed to capitalise by doubling.
Adrianne led diamond to the Ace and I returned a club. Nothing declarer can do about losing 2 diamonds, a heart and a club for -2.

Another slam hand against Fudge & Alec.  Since printed hands have become common I have noticed how often a 10 count with some length in a minor opposite a 2NT opener makes 12 tricks.
So I opened 2NT, Adrianne went through Puppet Stayman and then bid 4C which we play as Gerber, obviously going to bid slam when I show 3 Aces.  Except I don't. Tumshie here employs RKC and bids 4H (0 or 3), partner sees this as 1 Ace, bids 4S forcing my 4NT which is where we play.
Three pairs found 6C which comfortably makes 13.

 Our next board is another slam hand except it isn't.
Adrianne opened 1S, Alec overcalled 2D and I bid 3D (too strong for a NT raise to 4S).  However Adrianne didn't think much of her hand and we played in 4S, just like everyone else.
Now a heart lead keeps this to 11, but only Zia would forego KD lead from the West hand and 12 tricks are stiff. Which is what happened to nearly everyone. Well done to Bernard Solomons who led 7H.
Yet another slam, this time for E/W, but how do you bid it and how do you defend a heart contract?
Against David & Katie Adrianne opened 1S, David bid 3C presumably Intermediate, I am not going to compete vulnerable and Katie bid 4H ending the auction.  Arianne led AS and made the 'natural' switch to a trump.  KAtie can now claim 12 tricks.
Vi was defending 6H and led AS and then made the only play to defeat the contract, the KS. Declarer must now lose a trump to QH.  Hard lines Norman & Bill, you would have made it against most people.
I have no idea how you get to 6C which is unbeatable. All Souths should open 1S and most Wests will overcall 2C.  Whether North bids or not, East will bid hearts.  If west bids more clubs, East can certainly bid 5C.  It is then down to West who has the singleton spade to find the slam.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Monday 2 April

Rubbish score, playing N/S aggregate tournament. Made a few big mistakes to ruin our score. We actually got lucky early on avoiding a slam we should have been in which goes off on a finesse. However I was first to make sure we didn't benefit.

Without interference our bidding went:

1D - 1S - 2H - 3S - 4H - 4NT - 5D - 6S

5D was 3 key cards in hearts. Now my thinking was Adrianne is at least 6-5 in the reds. 6-5-1-1 is perfect, else she could have doubleton KC else the person on lead holds say KJxx of clubs and will never lead it.
Well it is nice to live in Fairyland, but this is bridge.  Victor lead AK of clubs and I'm one off.

These next two boards were against Norman & Bill. Now it is Adrianne's turn for a failing slam, but probably a better shot than mine.
Without interference our bidding simply went:

1S - 2D - 3S - 4S - 4N - 5H - 6S

Now I am a minimum 10 points with both missing Aces. All that is needed is QD (preferably Q to 5 diamonds) to make slam an excellent shot. Unfortunately I had to bid 2D with that rubbish suit and the slam had no chance on the lie of the cards.

Now the piece-de-resistance and just to mix my languages t me miserum!
West opened 3H and this went round to Adrianne who doubled.
I was fixated on my 11 points.  Surely enough for game, but how can we make game? Whichever fit we might have, the suit will break badly and 11 tricks will be too much. Eventually I took the only action guaranteed to be a disaster, I passed! Wonderful. Declarer yook pity on me and finessed the JH to avoid the overtrick.
The majority of Easts are in 4H (1 off) as they presumably opened 4H. Norman was more sensible