Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Monday 17th June

We found a 4 Hearts on board 4 which most people missed.

1C – 1D – P – 1H – P – 2H – P - 4H

Thereby missing a superior 4S, however the contract has no problem making a safe 10 tricks. East should have bid 2C even if playing a prepared club, but Adrianne would still try 2H. If East opens 1NT, this would be passed round to Adrianne who should bid an Astro 2D and then we shall be in 4S ( I say 'should', we guarantee 5S with 2D Astro, but this would be an exception).

Everyone finds a slam on board 20, but most were in spades.

I decided to open 1S and Adrianne replied 2H. Well that is enough for me to take a dive at a slam. I rebid 3S, Adrianne bid 4S (3NT more logical?), then I bid 6H which I thought paints the best picture of my hand. Adrianne passes. This makes 13 by ruffing the spade loser. I have no idea how you can bid 7H, you would need some sort of exclusion RKC asking in hearts and then ask for QH and get the bonus of KC.

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