Friday, 3 June 2011

Thursday 2nd June

Playing N/S with Adrianne we came 2nd with 55%, some way behind the winners.

On this board my RHO opened 1D. we play weak jumps here so my bid is 1H, but I don't like that a) it lets the opponents immediately find what could be a 9 card spade fit and I'll never be sure how high to compete, b) Adrianne could have just the right cards but with a doubleton heart will let it pass out (as here).
Anyway, never the shrinking violet I just bid 4H. A diamond was led, won by the Ace. I forwarded JC from dummy, covered by Queen, 12 tricks made.

Against Bob and Paul, Bob on my right opened 1NT, I bid 2S and Paul went through Lebensohl to 3H where he played making the obvious 9 as he can't see my doubleton QD.
The trouble is at most tables the E/W bidding is
1S - 1NT - 2D - passed out, so -140 was a very bad score for us.

Against Cathy & Helen, Cathy opens 3H (obviously taking advantage of the weak opposition). Helen raises to 4H and Adrianne lays down AD. Disaster, Cathy ruffs, AH, KD, discard a spade and just 2 hearts and a spade to lose.

Complete bottom

This was a tricky 4H to play against Issy & Rhona. Most were in it and most made it. Issy led KD and I took the Ace. There are 4 tricks outside of trumps so you need to find QH and get 2 ruffs for 10 tricks. I decided though to test the spades first, so at trick 2 I ducked a spade to Rhona's Ten. Rhona cashed JD and led her third which I ruffed. I cashed AS and Issy's QS fell. Looks like 3-3 or Issy has 2, so I led a third spade, Issy discarded a club and I ruffed.

I now cashed my club winners, ruffed a club, ruffed a spade, led a diamond and ruffed with the Jack. Issy over-ruffed and I had K & A of hearts for 10 tricks

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