Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Monday 30 December

Playing N/S with Adrianne finished in the middle with a Butler score of -3.  Our opponents tendded to do the right thing against us and we missed a couple of opportunities for better scores, especially from one game I misplayed.

Ken Rae is down visiting and was playing with Mike, our opponents on the first two boards.
Mike opened 1D and I overcalled 1H, Ken passed and Adrianne bid 2D.  I gave this some thought but eventually decided just to bid 2H. Adrianne would have liked to retry with 3H but can't after the hesitation.  In the aftermath Ken suggested 3D was a better bid with the South hand showing the extra values in the diamond shortage with is a good thing to remember.
Anyway the play is straightforward, 5D lead to Q and Ace, ruff a diamond, AK of hearts exit with club to Mike's Ace. Another diamond to my Jack, draw trump.  I made 4 diamond tricks, 5 hearts and a diamond ruff.

Alan didn't give opening 3D any thought with the East hand and Adrianne didn't try 1H with the South hand, so it was three passes to Myra who opened an Acol 2C.
Their bidding proceeded 2C - 2D - 2S - 3D - 3S - 4N - 5H - 6D
Nobody knew what 5H meant which is why you can't use Blackwood without a Keycard.  Myra decided that 5H must be 2 or 5 and so did Alan.
Adrianne led KC to the Ace, the trumps fell in two round and the spades are all good for 13 tricks.
Only four pairs found a slam, one in a fortuitous 6S. Although at unfavourable vulnerability opening 3D doesn't look wise, in this case it might get you to 7D.

Not playing Lucas Adrianne passed the South hand, Alistair opened 1S, I passed and Dave splintered 4H.  Alistair bid 4S and I led 6D.  Three pairs made 4S, two on the same lead but it must have been very poor defence. The diamond went to the 9 and King and Alistair tried Ace and King of trumps then a heart to J and K.  Adrianne returned QD to Ace and Alistair tried a club to Q and K, Adrianne playing the 3.  I cashed QS and returned a small club to Dummy's Ace.  Alistair ruffed a club but has no chance now and goes two off.
Interestingly we make 4H, just losing a spade, a diamond and a club.

Three N/S made game here, two in 3N one in 5C (neither contract makeable), we weren't even in the bidding!
Ian opened the East hand 1S, this at least allows him to show both majors. Adrianne passed and Izzy bid a very sensible 2S especially as they are playing 5 card majors.  I passed, Ian tried 3H but Izzy very promptly bid 3S and there they played.  With only a heart and two diamonds to lose that made ten tricks.
If Ian opens 1H and that is passed to me I'll bid 1N, Adrianne will bid 2N and I'll bid 3N.  An easy make on a heart lead.  However one Declarer got the JS lead but still make!  Did partner duck?  This is why many players play strong 10s, you can't go wrong on 10S lead.

Here is the hand I misplayed.  I opened 1S, David overcalled 1N and Adrianne bid 3S (good bid).  Willie passed and I decided to go for 4S as Adrianne's spades will be lying well and I fancied she might have something like a singleton diamond as she bid 3S rather than double.
David started with three rounds of diamonds. I cashed Ace of clubs and concentrating on that suit a spade to Q and Ace and ruffed a club.  I noted Willie's T and 9, but he is still likely to have J.  I played another spade to David's King and he exited with a spade to Dummy.  I ruffed another club, but no luck.  I have no options now, I played AH, heart ruff, KC throwing a heart but lost a club and a heart for one off.
I didn't stop to count the points earlier and realise that Willie is likely to have KH, but even easier I didn't count my tricks and realise that a cross ruff will get me home. Even worse, why not play King of clubs then ruff a club.  Now I'll know the situation and can cross ruff for ten tricks.
Here's to a good New Year and less stupidities at the table!

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