Thursday, 9 November 2017

Wednesday 8 November 2017

Playing N/S we just scraped an above average 51%.
We play Lucas Twos and are rather generous in the definition.  This worked well for us on one hand and badly on another.
A Lucas Two is a 5 card major with a 4 card minor (5 if vulnerable), 6 - 10 points and points mainly in the suits.  We use the definition as 'advisory'.

We open a multi two diamond with a weak two in the majors, Gerry decided to get both suits into the picture and opened a Lucas 2S.  Charles doubled and I had an easy 4S bid.  This went round to Charles who doubled again and Vi decided to pass.
 There was nothing in the play, the defence got their two heart tricks and that was it for a top for us.  One of those unusaul hands where both N/S and E/W can make 11 tricks.

Here again Gerry decided to open a Lucas 2H, well he is 5-4 and points are in the suits. Dot doubled and I passed waiting to see what happens (probably a mistake, better to bid a 2NT enquiry).  Jim bid 2S and Dot raised to 3S.
I was worried that now 3NT would be to play, 4C might be construed to play as well (why not bid 2NT earlier). There were a likely three losers, however just two loser was quite possible as well.  I put on my rose coloured glasses and bid 4NT.  Gerry bid 5D and did very well to make 10 tricks.
However we scored quite well as more than half the field sold out to 3S which makes 10 tricks.

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