Wednesday, 21 February 2018

WD Pairs Semi-final 20 February

Top 14 pairs to qualify for final, Gerry and I comfortably qualified in 13th place!

Playing N/S mostly in a Hesitation Mitchell.

Playing Lucas Twos Gerry opened the South hand 2S.  Now that is supposed to be 5-5 vulnerable(it never is).  So I thought better to play in minor even if 4-4 and bid 3C which is where I was left.
2D was led to my Ace and I looked at ruffing diamonds using spade entries (they looked to be 4-4) but that looked to be two down.  I'll need to make spades and I tried KS first.Seeing the 4 and the 2 made me feel they would divide.  I then switched to a trump taken by Ace.  A spade came back, ruffed by West, a heart to Ace, spade ruff.  No matter, I lost 4 clubs and a heart for one down as I was always destined to be.  2S was a better contract.

I opened 1S, Gerry bid 3D (good spade raise), Bob came in 3H and I bid 4C.  Cathy contributed 4H and Gerry 4S.  Wasn't sure if that was good or bad, afterwards Gerry reckoned it shows a basic hand, pass would promise more interest.  A Queen and two Jacks outside certainly was disappointing..  Cathy led a heart to my Ace, spade to dummy and ruff a heart.  I now exited with a diamond, Cathy took Queen, played Ace and another for me to ruff. Minuscule chance of end play gone, I played a spade to dummy and Cathy's diamond discard made me hope that suit was 4-4.  Were hearts 7-3 or 6-4? Good chance of doubleton King of Clubs with Bob.  Normally though you play a club to hand and try to just cover whatever West plays.  However my 5, 6 and 3 mitigated against that, but decided to just duck a club anyway.  Played 5C, Bob played 4 and I played 10, oh no, didn't notice 4, could have played small to keep 10.  Oh well, Cathy won Jack and now I have no option but to hope for doubleton King with Bob.  Cathy returns club, low in Dummy and King appears, 10 tricks.
However, if I had noticed Bob's 4 and ducked the first club, Cathy wins the 7 and returns small club, what would I have played?  I think I would have got it right, but saved myself a guess.

This was a very awkward 1NT contract by me.  It should go down automatically on a heart lead, 5 hearts, set up a diamond and make AS.  However Jim led 6S.  I found that difficult to read, maybe 10 6 4 3? It looked like I wanted a double diamond finesse and if I played low from Dummy I could be denied a spade entry, so I put up the Queen to Peter's Ace.  The 7H came back, even more perplexing than the 6S lead.  Can't be 4th highest but if there is an honour is that KJ7?  Why didn't Jim lead hearts?  I haven't a clue but luckily the opponents haven't either, the 7 went to T and J and Jim came back a club!. Four club tricks induced a spade discard from Peter and so I made 4 clubs, 3 spades and a diamond.  My double finesse in diamonds never came into it.

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