Monday, 14 January 2008

Festival Pairs 13th January

The ever inventive Harry finds a 3D opening with this: (non vul vs vul)

♠ 9 8....♥ ---....♦ J 10 9 8 5 2....♣ J 8 4 3 2

The next hand bids 3S and her partner goes to 4S. I hold:

♠ A 10 7....♥ K Q 10 5 4 3 2....♦ Q 4....♣ 7

I had already refrained from 4H and managed to refrain from 5D as well and passed. What to lead? The singleton club was attractive, then win AS, get partner in with a diamond and get a club ruff, hope that a heart trick is to come. But does partner have AD? Will a diamond stand up? A club lead might expose my partner's holding and lose us a natural trick. I eventually plumped for KH lead.

Declarer was looking at:

Declarer ............ Dummy

♠ K J 6 4 3..........♠ Q 5 2
♥ J 9 8 6............ A 7
♦ A K................ 7 6 3
♣ K 10...............♣ A Q 9 6 5

As it happens the singleton club works fine as long as I play KH when in with AS, but KH gets us off to a great start, partner ruffs dummy's AH and exits with a diamond. I win the second spade on which partner signals for a club (absent-mindedly surely?) Anyway club exit is fine as declarer has to win with K to get over to dummy, but clubs don't break and I have to get Q and 10 of hearts to go with our two trump tricks.
A number of people suffered a big penalty for playing in 4Hx. Harry's offbeat 3D opener saved me the embarrassment of playing there.

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