Friday, 22 February 2008

Thursday 22nd February

West district Sim Pairs.

Had a number of tops and bottoms and a just above average score. In reality there didn't seem to be all that much in the hands. The most interesting thing was Charles Outred's very conservative bidding in the commentary. Any time I play against Charles & Vi they bid (and usually make) games on very limited values!

We got a poor start overbidding to a 4S game (though everyone did) and instead of just playing for nine tricks, I took a finesse opposite a singleton to lose another one.

Our first good score was on hand 5 where I was in 3H on a diamond lead.

The defence let me get a trick from JD and later I manage to end play East with the KS for a rough and discard and 9 tricks.

Got a bad score on board 12:

What else can you do as North but open 4S? Partner is stymied and our defenders after AD find the club switch and cash all their tricks plus a spade to come for -3. Everyone else made 8 tricks , you can see that after 3 rounds of diamonds, West would want to cash Ace of Clubs as otherwise the trick disappears on the threatened run of the hearts. No luck for me.

We got an above average on this strange board:

Our East opened 2C, his partner bid 2D and he bid 7S, as did most people, few found the 7NT. I would have thought the best thing to do with the East hand at Pairs is open 4NT (whether this is Blackwood or specific Ace asking doesn't matter). You find partner with Ace of Diamonds and bid 7NT.

I got us a bottom on this hand:

After 1H - 1S - 1NT came round to me, I bid 2C. The defenders got the magic 200 and we got 0 match points.

I did get a top on this hand:

I am in 4S and pick up both major Queens for 12 tricks. Another pair managed 12 tricks as well, however --- I was doubled!

This was quickly followed by another top on board 26 where we are the only ones in 2D.

Partner opened 1NT, West doubled and I redouble for a minor, partner bids 2C, I correct to 2D and this is passed out.

A club lead and continuation after KD would have been a problem, cutting me off from dummy before drawing trumps. However my defenders cashed 4 major winners before I got in with a spade ruff, played Ace and another diamond and now I am home.
No other N/S had a plus score, most losing out to E/W part scores.

We unfortunately followed this with a bad defence for a complete 0. It was more difficult for us as the opponents played in their 5 - 2 fit rather than their 5 - 3. Well that's our story.

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