Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Monday 25 September

Playing N/S with Adrianne came second with a modest Butler score of 22.
Started off against Charles & Vi who always make life difficult, as good players should.

 Adrianne opened South 1H, Vi overcalled 2D and I bid 3C.  Charles bid 3D and Adrianne doubled.  We play this promises 15+ points, normally a NT hand (e.g. with 4 clubs and singleton diamond she would bid 5C). So I know we have enough for game but would 3N make? Even if 5 clubs run (and surely there must be distribution about) I would probably need a finesse in a major for a 9th trick. I decided to leave in the double.
I led TH to Q, Adrianne cashed A and played another. I ruffed with 8D forcing dummy's 10.  Vi played a spade, Adrianne took K and played a diamond.  So just 2 down, I needed another heart for a ruff and down 3.  Anyway 0 score as 290 was the average.  3NT can't fail by holding up AD and giving East a club then taking heart finesse, but not everyone bid it.

Against Larry and Felicia Adrianne declares in the obvious 4S. Nine times this was played by South on the lead of 4D, four made it.
What would you have played?  You have 5 spade tricks and could get 2 heart ruffs (though that might not work) plus a heart trick.  KC onside or getting a second diamond can give 10.  However life is so much easier if that lead is from say K764, just run the diamond to J and Q and you can pick up four diamond tricks. So I sympathise with the five who must have let it run. Adrianne made no mistake, up with AD, drew trumps, club towards King.  The Ace was taken and a heart led to Ace, so no problem with 10 tricks.

An interesting bidding problem for John and Rob.  As East John opened 1D, what on earth do you bid with Rob's hand?  ROb chose 3D?! But what can you bid? I suppose you 'know' that partner has at least 15 points as you expect only 4 small diamonds opposite and he hasn't opened a weak NT. Although that isn't certain (e..g. 4-1-4-4 or he has 5 diamonds).  However in those cases the opponents will surely be competing so 3D is not a bad bid as partner will bid 3NT with 15-17.  You might though miss a slam if he is a bit better.  Anyway John just bid 3N and that was a comfortable place to be.  Six pairs are in slam.  I can only imagine they tried 4N over the 1D opening intending to be in 6 if partner shows 2 or more Aces. Maybe some opened East a strong NT, should you go for 6 then? In theory partner needs AK, AK, A in the other 3 suits as otherwise at best it is a finesse.

Against Nat and Raymond we found a good slam on this hand.  Adrianne opened 1S, I bid 2C and Adrianne who strongly favours playing in 6 card majors rebid 2S.  I splintered with 4H and Adrianne despite the heart values really likes her hand now, especially KC and singleton AD so reckons she can stand the 5 level and tries 4N.  Finding I have AK of spades and AC (I don't splinter with AH), she bids 6S.
The play is quite straightforward with spades 2-2 the hearts have 1 loser, 1 winner, 1 discard on KD and 1 ruff.
If Adrianne rebids 2H (as I would have done), then I would have just bid 4S.

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