Thursday, 13 June 2013

Wednesday 12th June

Playing N/S with Adrianne came 2nd with 60%.  Adrianne bid two great slams against Ann and Margaret.

Adrianne opened 1H, I bid 1S, 2C from Adrianne and I bid 4H.  Adrianne's hand was good before but now looks very strong.  She bid 4N and my 5S gave her all the keycards she needed and so 6H it was.  Only one other pair found it.
Margaret led 3S and 12 tricks were lay down.

Two boards later Adrianne was the only one to bid this.
I opened North 1S and Ann didn't come in to the bidding. Adrianne simply bid 4N, I bid the usual 5S and 6S it was.
The 4H was led, tempting to play Ann for the Queen as if my Jack wins, two later hearts will allow two club discards to guarantee 12 tricks. However a losing heart finesse will immediately put me 1 down.  So I rose with the Ace, cashed AD, spade to A, diamond ruff, spade to K, diamond ruff.  While in dummy I led 10C, not covered so I went up with Q and low and behold the Jack falls.  I took out the last trump, played a club to the 9 and claimed 12 tricks.

Against Joan and Cathy I opened North 1N which went round to Cathy who bid 2C (clubs and 1 higher).  Joan bid 2D passed back to me.  I ventured 2H (just what Adrianne wanted to hear) and that was passed out.
Joan led 5C to 9 and J, I played 2H round to Cathy's 9. Cathy played 10S which I let run and led a spade from dummy, Cathy ruffing. A small club was played won by my 8 and I played AH and another clearing the trumps.  I won Joan's spade exit and led a diamond towards my King making 9 tricks, 2 spades, 3 hearts, a diamond and 3 clubs.

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