Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Monday 13 January

Playing N/S with Adrianne finished in the middle with +12 Butler.

Two early unmakeable No Trump contracts gained and lost for us.

On the first one Maureen opened 1H and Adrianne decided she probably has 8 sure tricks and punted an immediate 3N rather than see a 2D overcall passed out.
Miller led 6H, not a good choice because Maureen won the Ace, continued a heart to Adrianne's King and Miller's 3.  Looks like a doubleton and as per the bidding, Adrianne has all the top of hearts.  So when Adrianne runs her diamonds, Maureen's first two discards are her hearts then a club.
Adrianne exited with a club to Jack and King and I think Maureen came back with KS to Ace.  I can't remember exactly but Adrianne read the black cards correctly and end played Maureen for the 9th trick.

On the first board of the next set Adrianne opened a weak 2S round to Cathy who stretched to 2N.  Bob expecting a bit more checked for 4-4 hearts and bid 3N.
Adrianne led 4th best spade to Cathy's 9, KS ducked and JS taken by Ace. I threw three clubs.
Adrianne now led 10H.  Is my partner going to have AQ of diamonds? No, obvious to let this run to the King and hope Adrianne gets in with KC to lead another.
Some hope, Cathy wins KH, crosses to QC and cashed QS then runs the clubs for 5 clubs, 3 spades and a heart.

Hugh Kelsey said that 3N is the most common defeatable game to be allowed to make and he was certainly correct.  We should all bid more of them because defence is so difficult.

Another 3N, this time I opened 1D, Davina overcalled 1H and Adrianne doubled.  Back to me for 2D, Adrianne bid 2H and I bid 2N which she raised to 3N.  A decent contract this time.
Davina led KC then switched to QH which I took with K in Dummy. If diamonds don't break I only have 8 tricks so tried QC now and Davina ducked. Straightforward now playing out the diamonds, Barbara winning the 4th and I took the heart return and claimed 9 tricks, 5 diamonds, a club, two hearts and AS.
This would have been much harder on a heart lead, even a small one letting me win the 10 in Dummy, I would still struggle to make a 9th trick. However out of 17 times played only 5 are in 3N (though two went down).

I overextended myself here for a very bad score.
I opened 1S, Adrianne bid a reasonable 2S rather than 1N.
I jumped to a cue of 4C, if Adrianne can cue 4D, 6S must be a great contract.  Adrianne did cue, but 4H.  However her willingness to co-operate gave me a rush of blood to the head and I bid 6S anyway.
Mary led AD, I didn't try to drop an honour, it feels more like a red rag to people who've been conned that way before.  I followed with 7D but Mary continued and Moira duly ruffed.  Of course a club lead would have defeated the contract as well.

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