Thursday, 22 March 2018

Wednesday 21 March

Playing E/W with Adrianne at St Andrew club, came 2nd in an aggregate tournament.

Played for a match point top here but you only gain 30 at aggregate.
Our bidding was straightforward 1S - 2S - 4S, Charles led QD which I won in hand.  Six outstanding hearts only break 3-3 35% of the time, if they are 4-2 (or even 5-1) and the short hand has a top honour then I can end play them.
I cashed two top spades and KC, crossed to KD and ruffed a diamond, crossed to a spade and AC, ruff a club.  I only have spades and hearts in each hand now and exit with a small heart.
Charles won 9H, took AH and then had to concede a ruff and discard with a further club to let me discard a heart for 11 tricks.

Playing Benji, our big NT openings are 20-21 2NT, 22-23, 2C, 24-25, 2D.  Adrianne opened 2D, I gave the negative 2H which Ina doubled(?)
Adrianne now bid 3NT, well KJxx of hearts looks as good as AK or at least KQx.
So, thinking Adrianne is 26+, 6C looked a good prospect, so I bid 4C.  After any NT bid, 4C asks for Aces but it is not normal to ask a 26 point hand for Aces!  However Adrianne answered Aces, I just bid 6C.
I was surprised by the small heart lead, Ina couldn't possibly be kidding me?  Well if she is she deserves a good score, I played low, Alex won Ace and returned JD to my Queen.  With the club finesse the rest was easy.

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