Friday, 13 April 2018

Thursday 12 April

Playing E/W with Gerry in an 8 table Mitchell, came first with 69%.

Defending 1NT by North I led 5H giving Derek 3 tricks in the suit.  He won JH and played a diamond to Ten and my Queen.  I continued a heart, Derek continued a diamond to Gerry's Ace.
Gerry played KS, I played the 3 to show my count. Gerry now made key play of 9S.  It doesn't matter if Derek has QS, I must have club entry and can play my third spade through Dummy's Jack.  As it happens I win and so we made 4 spades, 2 diamonds and a club for down 1.  80% as 1NT was making elsewhere.

Gerry opened a very cheeky 1NT passed round to South who was able to bid a natural 2C.  Well I don't want to defend this and it being match points chose to gamble on 2H rather than 2D.  This goes off on AK clubs, club ruff and a spade switch.  However when luck is with you.... South played AC and switched to QD.  I won in hand and played AH and ducked a heart to North's Ten.  A diamond forced South to ruff with QH and now King and another club couldn't be ruffed.  I just played on diamonds and let South ruff whenever. My spade loser was going away for 8 tricks and a top.

Definitely riding my luck here.  I opened East 2NT with my 23 points and singleton King. Gerry checked for 4 hearts and bid 3NT.  South found the club lead alright, fortunately for me it was a small one.  I ran my 12 winners and the opposition failed to keep enough hearts so I made 13 tricks.

I nearly opened East 1NT but passed.  Norman opened South 1H and Gerry overcalled 2C.  Colin passed and I bid 2H, Gerry 2NT and I bid 3NT. Three out of eight found this excellent contract.
Colin led a diamond to Dummy's Jack and a club immediately found the King.  Another diamond was taken by Colin (not best) who now played a heart but that was it, twelve tricks were there.

Again a bit of luck.  I opened that super East hand 1H, Phoebe overcalled 1S and Gerry bid 3C which shows a solid raise to 2H.  Robina bid 3S and I bid 4D.  Gerry 4H and I bid 5D.  Gerry bid 5H.  As it was Phoebe led a heart and I played KC from Dummy, covered and ruffed and so could cross to Dummy with a trump and discard my losing spade.  Twelve tricks.  Of course in a slam South would have cashed AS.
The thing is neither of us know what my diamond bids mean.  Would I have bid the same with a void? However the bidding must show I have a diamond suit but even then, was I looking for a spade control??? No idea, but often I would just punt 6H on this hand expecting it to be on a diamond finesse at worst. It was just my night for getting things right.

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