Friday, 18 February 2011

WD Sim Pairs 17 feb

Came first in the club with 66%. Still made a few mistakes, had some luck and got some good scores by just doing the normal thing.

For instance we had two good boards against Eileen Caldwell and Alistair Crawford without anyone doing anything brilliant or defenders making mistakes
On board2 where I am East and Adrianne West it went:
P - P - 1D - P -
1H - P - 2C - P -
3C - P - 5C passed out
11 straight forward tricks, a triple joint top with another 5C and one 3NT. Others in 3N going down or a part score. It surely can't be right to bid 3N with a spade lead advertised. Certainly Adrianne didn't give it a moment's thought.

On the next board Alistair opened 1H (surely 1D better?) and Eileen 2H. Now I thought for a moment about coming in, but just for a moment. Double is out of the question when partner will surely say 3D and I hate the idea of bidding 3C with such limited values. So 2H it was, down 1 and a second top for us (should have been down 2 but I failed to give partner a trump promotion).
Most E/W played in a disastrous club contract or N/S played a part score in NT (presumably 1D - 1NT)

A second top on this board against Ian McIntyre and John Logue (the top was 4S by E/W making 12).
Anyway Adrianne opened 2NT and we play Baron, so 3C by me got 3NT from Adrianne. Match Points or not, I bid 5C which made the obvious 12 tricks. Everyone else was in 3NT down 1 on a heart lead.
On this board, 3 N/S made 9 tricks in 3NT, the rest 12 or 13. We were playing against Bob McKinnon and Paul Maiolani. Adrianne led out the spades and we took the first 5 tricks for a complete top.
However Adrianne started with the Queen and followed with the Ace then Jack. You can see at other tables they started with the 2S and blocked the suit.
Many others didn't lead a spade at all.
I think I would have led the 2, so brilliantly done by Adrianne.

Another complete top here against David Macdonald & Katy Kearney.
The bidding went :
1D - P - 2D - x - P - 3C - P - P - 3D - x - P - 4C
Katy should have bid 3D the first time to make my life more difficult. I paused over doubling 3D, but we have a clear arrangement in this sort of sequence that double just means we have the balance of points. Adrianne didn't fancy that, but I think she should leave it in with only 3 clubs. We could have had a great score for 3Dx, but 4C was what I was in. David led a diamond, I took Ace and exited with a diamond. Katy won and tried a small heart which I took with the King. I now played a club to the ten which seemed right to me, it would only be a singleton Jack that could cost me, even then it just gives a guess about dropping the King or not the next time. Also Katy opened the bidding so is more likely to have the King. Anyway, I didn't lose a club for 11 tricks and a complete top. Everyone else was in clubs but couldn't do better than 10 tricks.

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