Friday, 25 March 2011

Thursday 25 March

Playing with Adrianne we came first in a 6 table Howell with 64%. Mostly by luck I must say. We were in an unmakeable slam until a defender led from the QD where Adrianne had 3 to the Jack opposite 3 to the AK. A few hands were misplayed against us for other tops.
There were two interesting highly contested hands.
On this board we were E/W against Bob McKinnon & Paul Maiolani. Our bidding went:

3H - P - 4H - 4S
P - P - 5H - P
P - 5S - passed out

Really difficult decisions here. The first round of bidding seems natural enough. I decided it was very unlikely we defeat 4S and hope to be just 2 off in 5Hx, Bob though has the most difficult call and opts for 5S.
Paul loses the obvious 2 spades and a diamond (discarded on AH) for 1 down. Turned out to be middle. Two worse scores were E/W in hearts going off our way. Two better scores, Len & Chris doubled the 5S and Victor Goldwater was allowed to play AND MAKE 4H. Can't beat that.

This was another contested auction. we were N/S against Derek Diamond and David Gerrard. Our bidding was:

P - P - P - 1H
1S - 2H - 2S - 3C
P - 4C - 4S - 5C
5S - P - P - x

Adrianne should have bid 4S straight away, good chance we get doubled there. I drop the KS and go 1 off losing a club, diamond and a heart. Our opponents don't make game. Not quite a bottom as Steve & Marilyn were allowed to play in 3H.

Most of our good scores were down to opponents' errors

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