Friday, 22 July 2011

Thursday 21 July

Playing with Adrianne we came 2nd N/S with 56%.
Two of our good boards were played by Adrianne as South.
Here against Sandra & Gloria our bidding went:
1C - 1S - x - 2S
x - P - 3H - 3S
4H - passed out.
Sandra did well to get the 1S bid in, Gloria could have made life more difficult for us with a 3 or even 4S bid. My double showed 15+ points.
A small spade was led, taken by Ace. QC covered by King and Ace followed, then Adrianne led JH, covered by Queen and Ace, followed by 10H to King. Gloria exited with a spade ruffed , last trump drawn. Now with a small spade led implying an honour and KQ hearts all in Gloria's hand, Sandra surely held QD and so Adrianne picked up the suit for 12 tricks.
On this board against Victor and Willie Hart we were the only pair in 4H. The bidding went:
P - 1D - 1S - 2C
2D - 3C - 3H - 4C
4H - passed out
Victor led his singleton spade won by the 8 and Adrianne lay down her AH. She then cashed JH and QH and played KS, ruffed. Victor exits with QD to King and Ace and that was the last for the defence.

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