Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Monday 8 August

Playing with Adrianne, came 7th with 55% in the Festival Pairs. The usual couple of errors which cost dearly.
Managed to bid two Grand Slams, unfortunately in one of them which I bid we are missing a cashing Ace.

However against Cathie and Bob we were one of the few to bid this one.
Jump shifts are unusual these days and some people use them now for weak hands. Like most though, we still use 16+ with a very good 6 card suit. If that is the case when Adrianne South opens 1D, 2S by North, 4NT by South leads to an easy bid of 7NT as only a holding of a singleton AD and AQ of hearts would create a problem.
However, it is never that simple, Bob isn't going to be quiet with a 7 card suit. Our bidding went:
1D - 3H - 3S - P
4S - P - 4N - P
Adrianne showed 2 Aces and 1 King and I am happy to bid 7S. Adrianne might have bid 4H as she is too strong for just 4S, then I might have gone for 7N, but any grand slam usually scores well, which this one did.

Against Charles and Nigel we defend 3C.
Our bidding went:
P - 1S - x - P
2H - 3C - Passed out
I led a club to the 9 and Ten, Charles passed TD to Adrianne who reurned a heart, ruffed. Diamond to Queen and spade finesse. I gave Adrianne a diamond ruff and Charles makes the rest, ruffing out the spade.
When 4S, 3NT, 5C all make (albeit double dummy) you might expect a good score when Charles makes 10 in a minor, but no, below average. Lots of people off in spades, even 2S?!

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