Friday, 27 April 2012

Thursday 26 April

Playing N/S with Adrianne just an average 51%.

I was duped on this board against Alec & Raymond. Alec opened 1C and their bidding went:

1C - 1S - 2C - 2D - 3C - 3N

A very clever 2D by Raymond.  If it was aggregate I would still lead a diamond, but I know that 6/7 clubs are running and the contract is assured, at pairs you don't want to give away a trick.  The heart did seem to be safest. Easy 10 tricks for declarer.

 Got a good score against Christine and Ileen.  Chris opened 1C which came round to me and I bid a protective 1NT which was passed out.
Chris led KH which I won with the Ace.  I cashed KQ spades and exited with a heart. Chris took Q and played a third heart to my Jack. I now played a club to 10, Q and Ace.  Chrsitine cashed her 4th heart forcing a diamond discard from Ileen, I let go TS.  She now cashes KJ clubs forcing another diamond discard from Ileen.  Chris now exits with her 4th club.  Her last 3 cards are her 3 diamonds, dummy has A8 spades and a diamond, Ileen feels she must keep J7 spades and comes down to singleton KD.  I win 9C to leave my 3 diamonds.  I exit with a low diamond and Ileen wins the King and has to give me the last 2 spades for 7 tricks.

It is amazing how hands of few values can produce 12 tricks. Pointswise we have 22, both hands have 7 losers yet 12 tricks roll in.
At least we were in game against Kevin & Nat.  I opened 1H, Adrianne bid 2D and over my 2H she raised to game.
I got a trump lead and a spade switch but on a spade lead the play is then the same.  Win Ace, KD, AD, small diamond, ruff high if necessary, draw trumps and claim 12.  Apart from a singleton diamond the only thing that could go wrong is having to ruff high and then guess where a singleton AH might be.  You can never get to these slams.  Playing 5 card majors it might start 1H - 4C, but you are not going to get excited with your 10 count.

Against Len and Avril I chickened out of bidding but it does pay off to be brave at Pairs.
Avril opened 1S, Len bid 2S and this came round to me.  I would love to bid 2N and certainly thought about it, but also I would to leave Adrianne playing 3C in a 4-3 fit and being vulnerable getting a bottom.  She could easily be 3 - 5 - 2 -3, so I passed.
Then what to lead?  I thought I might try to be different and led AH!  Adrianne played the 10, inverse attitude telling me to switch, boy am I dumb, so I switched to a diamond.  Can I help it if opponents can't locate 5-5 major fits?
Note that both 5 clubs and 5 diamonds make with a combined 19 count and 7 loser and 8 loser hands.  How are you supposed to evaluate hands?

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