Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Monday 19 November

Playing N/S with Adrianne came first with a Butler score of 40. Didn't do a lot to earn that, just didn't make mistakes and bid all we could.

 This was an interesting hand early on.  Adrianne opened 1D and Phoebe doubled.  I bid 1H and Robina didn't feel she had the values to come in.  Adrianne bid 4H and that was passed out.
Thus would have been very tricky on spade leads, but I wasn't tested. Robina led a diamond to Ace and Phoebe returned a diamond which I ruffed with the 10.  I played Ace and a small heart.  Phoebe tried QC, I won Ace, drew last trump and claimed all my diamonds.
If opponents find their spade fit, Adrianne will bid 5D which Phoebe would be more inclined to double, but 5Sx -1 is the place to be. Two E/W got to play in 4S but the common score wad 5Dx for 550

Against Jack and Ian I opened 1C, Jack 1S and Adrianne doubled.  I bid 1N, Jack 2S and Adrianne 3N.
Jack led 6S to the 9 and 10. That gives me 6 tricks in the majors.  Playing on clubs sets up two more tricks and if Ian has AD he won't have any spades left when I play that suit.  If Ian has AC, playing on diamonds should set up 10 tricks barring a singleton Ace in Jack's hand but, even so, Ian will be out of spades when I play a club. However if I play the suit that Ian does have the Ace, I will go off.
On the bidding I reckoned Jack has both Aces! Playing on diamonds must be best therefore and if Ian has Ace I might still bring diamonds home.  So, after all that I led a diamond to Q and Ace, spades were cleared. I led 10D, Jack showed out and I was down 2. Four made 3N, six went off and a couple defended 2S.

Adrianne got a good score against Charles and Barry.  After two passes I opened 1C and Adrianne bid 2N which I raised to 3N.
Barry led JH taken by Queen.  Adrianne coolly led over to AS, played a club to Q cashed Ace and all her clubs.  Then AH, and sort of end played Barry with a spade to Jack and King who cashed his diamond and gave the rest to Adrianne.

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