Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Monday 5 November

Terrible set, playing N/S with Adrianne -21 Butler score and down near the bottom of the rankings. One board was typical where I just didn't pay attention.  There had been a few discards from a spade suit in dummy and when Declarer led a spade I could not remember which small spades had started there. Adrianne played the 4S, if she has the 3 I have to duck, if the 3 had been in dummy, declarer is singleton and I have to take.  I got it wrong, vulnerable game made.

This board was bad luck, or good judgement by Louise and Sylvia:

After two passes I opened 1H and Sylvia doubled.  This went round to Louise who had to pass.
Sylvia led AKQ of diamonds, Louise threw a club. Now AKQ of clubs, Louise threw a spade and I ruffed. I played AK of hearts then spades and ended two down for -500.  Most E/W were in 5C and I imagine that East bid 2NT over 1H (certainly unusual with 22 points!)
I nominate this for worst played hand of the year. I opened 2N and Adrianne raised to game.
Michelle led 7S. Now it won't be from KT97 as the ten is normal.  I played 3S, Ian the 9 and I won the Queen.
We are playing Butler, aggregate really, just make sure of your game and a small heart by me to the Jack will surely garner 9 tricks. Oh no, smartypants assumes Ian has KS, likely singleton as Michelle probably led from T7xx, there are 2 club tricks however I play them, why not small to the Jack, if Michelle has it she will duck and I'll finesse JH, if Ian wins he might well return a heart. So small club it was, Ian wins King and returns a small spade round to Michelle's King (I couldn't even manage to take Ace and block the suit). Now the 2S comes back to my Ace. How cunning Michelle! I can still recover if I play QD, but obsessed with running that JH I try a small diamond to K and Ian's Ace, Ian cashes the last spade and exits with a diamond.  Wrong again I let it run to Michelle's Jack.  Michelle exits with a club and I am stuck in hand with a diamond winner and hearts.  Eventually playing AK but Michelle had kept her four and had to win the last trick.  Two down, any idiot can make 10.  Brilliant lead by Michelle, totally threw me though that is no excuse, all I have to do is concentrate on 9 tricks, not trying to be smart.

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