Friday, 8 March 2013

Thursday 7 March

Playing N/S with Gerry, came first with 59%.

Gerry made the right bid and play to get us a top on this board against Victor and Willie.
Victor opened 1H and Gerry bid 4C making it too difficult for the opposition to find their spades.
Willie led 7H, Victor won and tried a top spade.  Gerry ruffed, AKQ of clubs then 10H and Victor is end played.  In practice he played a diamond, Gerry played another heart to end play Victor again.
The lie of the diamonds meant ten tricks were always there but it is satisfying to let the defenders ensure your contract.  The best defence is actually AK of hearts, small heart for Willie to ruff.  Now the only way to make ten is the double diamond finesse.
Most E/W found their 4S presumably after a 3C overcall.

Another top where Gerry found the optimum score. I opened 1S, Victor bid 2H and Gerry doubled.  Willie bid 3H, I bid 3S, Victor 4H and Gerry doubled.
The spade lead was ruffed and Victor played Ace and another heart.  Gerry played another spade, ruffed.  Victor played a club to the Ace getting some good news from my Jack falling.  A club came back to Gerry's King.  I discarded my lowest spade (inverse attitude) hoping to discourage Gerry leading a diamond.  Sure enough Gerry can count Victor's hand and just exited with a club and we had to come to two diamonds for one off.
Most pairs were in 4S going off.

Again Gerry steered us to the best contract.  I opened 1D and Ronnie came in a cheeky 1H, Gerry bid 2H, I bid 2N and Gerry 3N.
Ronnie led 5H, I hoped Elizabeth might have to put in the Queen, but it was the 10 and so I had to win the King and run all my tricks. I played AC, KD, diamond to Ace then led JC to my King, ran my diamonds and Ronnie unsure about QH let too many hearts go allowing me to win a spade at the end for 10 tricks.  Everyone else is in 5D (or 6C).  I presume East did not overcall at the other tables. If that had happened with us our bidding would have gone:

1D - 2C - 3S - 3N

3S is a splinter, but Gerry would be happy with his double guard and at the same time be put off possibilities of 6C.

This is a bidding problem where South has an impossible bid.
After two passes I opened 1C and Ronnie overcalled 1H.  What does South bid? Pass is terrible with 9 points (and two bullets), double is worse with three crappy spades, 2D is awful.  Gerry passed, but I couldn't pass with that hand and so having discounted the three options above I am left with 1N or 2C.  I think I would have chosen 1N, this has the most going for it a) I am max, b) West usually bids 2H anyway with that hand c) if left in at least the defenders will be playing me for a stop, a small heart lead might be ducked to my Jack d) with club length partner can rebid clubs, even over a 2H bid by West.
So Gerry passed, West bid 2H back to Gerry, he can't pass this, ventured 3D, oh dear.

A bottom against Michelle and Ian simply because Ian knows how to play a hand.
I opened 2S Lucas, Ian bid 3H, Gerry 3S and Michelle 4H.  4Sx two off would have been a triumph but I passed.
Gerry led AS, small spade to my King and I exited with 7D.  Ian considered this but clearly my second suit is diamonds and went up with the Ace.  Two rounds of hearts then KC felling my Queen.  The rule of restricted choice says this is more likely singleton (with QJ I could have played either) and the Lucas bid helps as well.  Anyway, Ian finessed 10C and made all his clubs for a diamond discard and 11 tricks. Everyone else made 10.

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