Friday, 24 May 2013

Thursday 24 May

Playing with Gerry we came 4th  in a Howell with a respectable 59%.  Two slam hands gave us a top and a bottom.

 The first was a typical punt by me where I know 12 tricks are likely but 1 off might be expected.
Gerry opened West 1H, I bid 1S and Gerry rebid 3C.  I now closed my eyes, crossed my fingers and bid 6H.
Steve led 5D to Q,K and A.  Gerry immediately played a heart to Q and A, spade back to Q, K and A and a heart to the K dropped the Jack for 12 tricks.
A bit reckless but fortune favours the brave.

Here Gerry opened West 1S and I bid 2C.  Gerry bid 4C, I found he had 1 keycard and decided on 6C rather than 6N.
Nicol led 4H, it might be from Q so I tried the Jack and Steve played Q and I took the Ace.
I now ran 9C to Steve's Jack and after just a little thought Steve returned a heart for Nicol to ruff and down 1.
Of course I ran 9C in case Nicol had KJx of trumps.  However as Gerry pointed out I could afford a club loser, the small heart is now maybe from 42 or 4 singleton.  Of course if I had finessed QC, cashed AC, QD, AS AKJ of diamonds throwing a heart and two spades I would have made it

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