Friday, 21 March 2008

Thursday 20th March

Hand 7 was well played by Adrianne after a friendly lead. Adrianne actually makes a mistake and opens 1S as West, I raise to 2S – 2NT – 4S.
North is a bit stuck for a lead, could have led a trump, but chose 10H which goes to Jack, Queen and King. Adrianne plays KS to the Ace, a club from South to the Ace, club ruff, followed by a Diamond. Adrianne takes the Ace, clears the trumps ending in dummy and runs the 8H. Taking the rest of the heart tricks she can throw a diamond from dummy and claim 10 tricks. The only one to make 4S.

Board 17 was very interesting.
South opened 1S(?), Adrianne bid 2S Michaels, North doubled and I bid 3H. South passes, Adrianne bids 4H, North bids 4S and I stupidly bid 5C (instead of doubling 4S), Adrianne bids 5D, North doubles and I bid 5H.
Now Deep Finesse says you only make 10 tricks (so you do on a club lead), but after the double I got a diamond lead. I won Ace, ruffed a diamond, finessed QH, ruffed a diamond, club to Ace and cashed AH. Now if my KC stands up I am home, just play a third club which South might as well ruff while the spade is discarded from dummy and the only other trick I lose is a diamond. No luck, the KC is ruffed and AS cashed.
However I immediately saw that I can make this on a diamond lead. Win the Ace and exit dummy with a small heart. The defence can take that trick in either hand and cash a spade, but that is all they can get as I can now pick up the trumps (using a diamond ruff as entry) and make all my clubs.

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