Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Monday 20 August

Playing N/S with Adrianne came in below average with an aggregate score of -2200 but -2000 would be about the par score.  we were unfortunate in that our opponents found all their games.

An interesting board for E/W here.  3NT is the only making game.  It looks like a spade lead spells disaster for declarer, but win the Queen and run 10C. Now win the 3rd heart, try clubs, give up another club and you have 9 tricks.
At our table David Cree opened a Benji 2D, David Young bid 3D and DC bid 3NT. I led the natural KH, David took it immediately, AD, over to QS, the diamonds run and 13 tricks.
A few E/W were in a not unreasonable 6C but no chance on the trump break.

Bobby and Ian got two big scores against us. On the first I opened 1D, Ian bid 2C and Bobby bid 2NT raised to 3. I led 4S and there were 10 tricks.  Only one other pair found this unbeatable game.

On the next board I doubled a 4S thinking it was two way as I didn't know if Adrianne was weak or middle to strong.  Anyway it wasn't clear and Adrianne left it in which cost us an extra 300 points. However some people got to play the 5 level sacrifice without even being doubled.  Not even a real sacrifice because on proper defence it goes 4 off!  Anyway those two boards cost us dear.

Bill and Norman bid and made two games us.  The second was only found by about one third of the field. Norman opened an off centre 1NT, Bill transferred and raised to 3S, Norman bid 3N and Bill changed to 4S.

I led JC but with the hearts lying well and diamonds running anyway there was only that trick plus two trump tricks.

Another nail in the coffin

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